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5 Ways to Help You Stay Away from Eczema 5

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If your skin itches and turns red from time to time, you might have eczema. This skin condition is common in children, but adults can also get it. People with eczema often have allergies or asthma, along with itchy, red skin.

The most common form of eczema is called atopic dermatitis. Other forms include allergic contact dermatitis, irritant contact dermatitis, and many more. Each eczema type has its own set of symptoms and triggers.

An estimated statistic suggests that eczema affects 245 million people globally.


Eczema has a complicated etiology and is often the result of the interaction of internal and external factors. Internal factors such as chronic digestive system diseases, mental stress, insomnia, excessive fatigue, emotional changes, endocrine disorders, infections, metabolic disorders, etc., and external factors such as living environment, climate change, food, etc. can affect the occurrence of eczema. External stimuli such as sunlight, cold, dryness, heat, hot water scalding, and various animal skins, plants, cosmetics, soap, man-made fibers, etc. can be induced. It is a delayed allergy caused by complex internal and external factors.

Clinical Manifestation

1. According to the appearance of skin lesions, it is divided into three stages: acute, subacute, and chronic.

  • Acute eczema

At first, the skin lesions are mostly dense miliary-sized papules or small blisters. The basal flushes and gradually merges into pieces. Due to scratching, the papules or blisters show obvious punctate exudation and small erosions after the top is scratched. It usually occurs on the head and face, behind the ears, distal extremities, scrotum, perianal, etc., and is usually released symmetrically.

  • Subacute eczema

It happens after the acute eczema inflammation is reduced. The skin lesions are mainly small papules, scabs, and scales, and only a small amount of papules and erosions are seen. There is still severe itching.

  • Chronic eczema

It is manifested by thickened, infiltrated, brownish-red, or pigmented skin on the affected area. It is commonly found in calves, hands, feet, elbow fossa, popliteal fossa, vulva, anus, etc.

2. According to the extent of skin lesions, it is divided into two categories: localized eczema and generalized eczema.

  • Localized eczema
    Occurs only in specific areas, such as hand eczema, vulva eczema, scrotal eczema, ear eczema, breast eczema, perianal eczema, calf eczema, etc.
  • Generalized eczema
    Many skin lesions, scattered in multiple parts of the body
Prevention of eczema, starting from five aspects

For people with a high incidence of allergic skin or a history of eczema, it is necessary to prevent eczema.

First of all, to prevent eczema, the diet should be healthy. It is suggested to eat more foods rich in vitamins, such as egg yolks, carrots, green leafy vegetables, fruits, and eat some foods rich in vitamins such as the animal liver.

Second, it is best to wear cotton clothes in winter, so that it is not easy to cause itching.

Third, when taking a bath in winter, avoid using soaps or detergents with strong cleaning power, don’t rub your body violently, don’t bathe too frequently, and the temperature should not be too high, and the time should not be too long.

Fourth, if the room is too dry, a humidifier can be used to maintain the indoor temperature and humidity.

Finally, pay attention to food allergies and exercise to increase physical resistance.

Relieve Eczema Using Spooky2

Besides the five methods mentioned above, you can also choose Spooky2 to help with eczema in your daily life.

Spooky2 eczema programs help to:

  • Relieve pain and itchiness under your skin.
  • Relax your skin cells and alleviate sore skin.

Step 1: Take Remote mode as an example, go to the Presets tab, choose Shell (Empty) Presets – Remote – Healing (R) – JW

Step 2: Go to the Programs tab, search “eczema”, select the program you want.

Step 3: Go to the Control tab, select your generator, and run the program you chose.


Review from Spooky2 User

Source: https://www.spooky2reviews.com/the-condition-of-my-sons-eczema-is-changing-by-using-spooky2/


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  1. I am an avid swimmer, however recently I am having reactions from chlorine. Itching everywhere. The only help has been antibacterial soap. I have an Bio solution rife machine that I use daily. Anyone have any advice for me.

    1. Hi, if you are interested in our Spooky2 machine or rife frequency, you are welcome to join our Facebook group more than 41k people sharing their experience and stories here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/spooky2
      l believe you can get much amazing information from our group:)

  2. I made a batch of colloidal silver, spray on my chin and forehead for itchy eczema as well as using spooky2

    1. Thanks for your sharing, I hope your eczema go away completely soon:)

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