All You Have to Know About Contact Mode 4

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Contact mode is a highly effective way of delivering rife frequencies to the body. It can transfer DC electrical energy into the body to help with all kinds of health conditions. However, many may be confused with when to use contact mode and how to use it. Don’t worry. We will explain them all in this blog.

When can I use contact mode?

You can use contact mode for all kinds of health conditions. This mode is suitable for detoxification, pathogen elimination, and tissue recovery. If you feel unwell, you can put TENS pads on where you experience discomfort and run the corresponding programs. Alternatively, you can hold two hand cylinders or even combine one TENS pad and one hand cylinder together for a full-body detox.

How often can I use contact mode?

The running time of one contact mode session depends on the program that you choose. Some programs take hours, while some others only take a few minutes. You can use contact mode overnight when you sleep. You can also use it for multiple treatment sessions during the day. It depends on you. As long as you do not experience any discomfort, you can safely use contact mode as long and as frequently as you want.

Should I feel anything while using contact mode?

When you have just made contact, you usually perceive a slight tingling or a short “shock” feeling on the skin that disappears quickly. This sensation often occurs at low frequencies. It means the current is passing through your body. If you are using Spooky boost and the colloidal silver port, you will not feel anything because of the resistor in the circuit, which keeps the current down.

How do I know if it is working?

If you do not feel anything while running the contact mode, you can check your cables with the following instructions:

  1. Load the following Shell Preset: Killing (C) – JW.
  2. Add the following programs which are low frequency: Abdominal Cramps.
  3. Apply TENS pads to your thigh next to each other, and connect the cable.
  4. Press Start but be ready to pull the cable out of one of the Tens pads.

The amplitude will slowly ramp up. If you can feel it, you know the cable is working. Quickly disconnect the cable from one of the TENS pads if the feeling is too much for you.

Important Notes on Contact Mode

  • Never place the pads on your eyes, over your heart, or above your shoulders.
  • Avoid hairy areas, open wounds, and scarred skin areas.
  • Never place a pad directly over a joint, including your elbows, knees, and ankles.
  • Pads should never be used when wet and must be dried before use.
  • Never use a damaged pad; replace with new ones before use.

Contact mode is a very convenient, safe, and efficient treatment method. It can be applied to children and pets as well. Hopefully, this blog has answered some questions you had about contact mode.

Stay healthy!

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  1. Can I use Spooky contact mode in a set-up comparable to Dr McMakin’s protocol (ie two channels and two selectable frequencies simultan!)…May be GeneratorX ???

    Thank you, Wolfgang Janata, [email protected]

    Wolfgang JANATA
    1. Sure, but it will not be microcirrents.

  2. I have a lung problem ( pleural effusion , cough ) can I place the ten pads directly on my lungs for a bio scan and run the lung program ? I need to pinpoint the exact location on the lung

    1. Yes, you can. The lung is not a sensitive area that needs to be paid more attention to when placing tens pads, no worries:)

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