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The Golden Ratio presets in Spooky2 software make use of the Golden Mean, worth doing a lookup on google to see the relevance the Golden Mean has in life. Hint, it determines the growth patterns of flowers, sea shells, and more. The most recognized art incorporates it as does some of the oldest and prized architectural builds.

However, what it does essentially is it takes the fundamental frequency of your program, and instead of transmitting just this one frequency on both Out 1 and Out 2, it creates two frequencies.

The fundamental frequency remains on Out 1, but a frequency that is a golden ratio of the fundamental frequency is generated on Out 2. The boost combines these two frequencies so that they can be used at the same time via a remote or contact.

The notes of the presets go into the math.

Much like how we sometimes add the 11th Harmonic as a second frequency to try and boost efficacy, the Golden Ratio is just another method.

There are two aspects to consider.
1. Is the fundamental frequency you are using the MOR, or is there a secondary frequency that is doing the work. By adding another frequency to the mix, you increase the odds that you are hitting a frequency that does work in the area of concern.

2. Ever listen to just a flute or a trumpet. This creates one note at a time. The sound is pleasing.
However, take a piano and play a chord using 3 notes that are harmonic with each other. You get a fuller sound.

The Golden Ratio being very apparent in all of life, is a good candidate for a secondary frequency to increase the odds that you devitalize a pathogen effectively.

Authored by Jeff Kaczor
Source: https://www.facebook.com/groups/spooky2/permalink/733792330116006/

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