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There are many overnight presets in the software for plasma, like Overnight Kill 8 Hours (P) – JW, Healing and Regeneration (P) – DB, etc…

But how do you sleep with your plasma tube at night? Here are some clever suggestions from one of our users:

First, how to place your plasma tube whilst sleeping.

1. You can place the Spooky Plasma and tube in an adjacent room. If you can get the tube within 5 feet of where you sleep, it will still have very decent efficacy, even through the wall.

Even if you were 10 feet away, it would afford better efficacy than avoiding it altogether. Not as good as near field, but it still works good.

I do all my plasma applications at 5 feet from recipients, and have one who is affected by the output even at 40 feet away or so through 4 walls. You can tell the drop off in effectiveness at that range, but still impressive.

2. Note that any metal in the vicinity of the tube will affect the fields, so avoid metals if possible. The best bed to put a tube underneath is a wooden one with a foam mattress so there is no metal. Sprung beds and mattresses usually have iron springs that will affect the fields. The same applies to steel framed beds. If necessary, you can hang the tube a couple of feet above your bed from the ceiling with string, since it isn’t heavy.

3. My plasma tube is placed on a chair, next to my side of the bed. Earplugs in and turning over to the other side. Everything ok. You get used to it.

4. I have my Spooky plasma tube mounted on a microphone stand. The kind that a drummer in a band would use. It consists of a heavy metal base that provides stability to an upright metal pole piece. This also has an “elbow like” attachment that reaches outward horizontally. On the end of this rod, is attached a microphone clamp. This holds the middle of the plasma tube. There is not much pressure on the tube itself. The whole system is extremely flexible and versatile – you can adjust it to position the tube almost anywhere.

Second, how to dampen the sound and light of Spooky Plasma.

1. There’s not much one can do to stop the resonate frequency you hear on some frequencies other than to avoid those frequencies, which would defeat the purpose. You could take the Spooky Plasma and tube and put it in an adjacent room. If you can get the tube within 5 feet of where you sleep, it will have very decent efficacy still, even through the wall.

2. I have an air purifier which runs at night in the bedroom. It masks all sounds coming from the plasma. Sleep quality is much improved.

To help the plasma light flickering, wear a sleep mask or hang the tube from a chair that sits just below the mattress edge. I also put my back to the plasma tube so it is not flashing in my eyes.

Ensure the plasma tube has free ventilation. Do NOT place the tube beneath the bed-covers. Cooling relies on good air circulation.

Thanks for our smart users who shared their suggestions with us!

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