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The Power of Frequency Healing: Audio vs. Hardware 2

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What is frequency healing?

Frequency healing, for body, spirit, and mind, was put forward by the American inventor Nikola Tesla (1856-1943) who discovered electrical technology. In his theory, sound and music can be used to release negative emotions and boost healthy energy within our body.

Unlike other solutions where you need to commit time and effort to practice, frequency healing is relatively easy to reach. There are many frequency healing channels on YouTube. You can easily get access to a useful frequency video and start your healing session. These frequency healing channels have proven their effectiveness through their million views and comments.

“This music makes me feel new. I had OCD my whole life. It doesn’t only vanish the pain in my lungs from anxiety, but makes me feel better about myself and the most positive I’ve ever been.”

“I’ve been battling with depression and anxiety for a while. I can feel it in my whole body, this is truly a relaxing feeling. I feel so at ease right now currently.”

“I’ve been so depressed and anxious. This sound is very satisfying. It’s hitting me in all the right places. I feel it buzzing my whole body.”

Royal Rife’s Technology and How a does Rife Machine Work?

A Rife Machine is founded on Royal Rife’s groundbreaking discovery that micro-organisms can be eradicated using specific frequencies. His experiments revealed that many severe conditions are caused by viruses and that targeting these viruses with precise frequencies can lead to recovery. Remarkably, Rife’s technology achieved a 100% recovery rate in terminal patients.

Nikola Tesla famously said, “If you wish to understand the Universe, think of Energy, Frequency, and Vibration.” Everything in the universe vibrates at a specific frequency. Rife machines operate by matching the frequency of pathogens, causing them to shatter—similar to how an opera singer can break a glass with her voice. These machines generate resonance waves that destroy harmful organisms without harming the user.

When to Use Frequency Audio vs. Rife Machine

Here’s a comparison to help you decide when to use frequency audio and when to use a Rife machine:

CriteriaFrequency AudioRife Machine
Best forGeneral relaxation, mental clarity, stress reductionSpecific health issues, targeted healing, chronic conditions
AccessibilitySimple, just play the audioRequires understanding of the device and programs
Ease of UseSimple, just play the audioRequires understanding of the device and programs
CustomizationLimited to available audio tracksHighly customizable, can tailor frequencies to specific needs
EffectivenessEffective for overall well-being and minor issuesHighly effective for deep healing and specific health conditions
Speed of ResultsGradual improvement over timeFaster and more profound results
SafetyCompletely non-invasiveNon-invasive but requires proper usage and understanding

Why Choose Spooky2?

The Most Affordable Rife Machine

  • Free softwarewith over 60,000 programs.
  • Multiple kits available.
  • Priced from $166 for remote therapy.
  • Bringing hope to every family ataffordable prices.

The Most Powerful Plasma Machine

  • Replicating Royal Rife’s original machine thatsaved 16 patients back in 1934.
  • Frequency transmission up to 3.5MHz without a fixed carrier frequency

Treat Anytime, Anywhere, Without Disrupting Daily Life

  • Uses Einstein’s concept of ‘spooky at a distance’ to transmit frequency energy to your body.
  • No hassle of wires or physical contact.
  • Enjoyhealing and improved sleep any time.

Spooky2 Community with 100,000+ Users Helping Each Other

  • Spooky2 family members support each other in a caring global community.
  • 30,000 forum professionals offer insights into complex rife technology queries.
  • Over 70,000 Spooky2 family members in our Facebook group answering questions everyday.

Excellent Service

  • Over 30 certified trainers offering free online weekly training courses.
  • Personalized support from our 20+ dedicated customer service team members.
  • 30 days money-back guarantee, two years warranty & lifetime service.

Full-Body Scans for Unknown Problems

  • Identify the frequencies your body needs in as fast as 6 minutes.
  • Generate your own personalized frequency program to address health issues.

What Clients Say About Spooky2

Spooky2 has garnered positive reviews from users who have experienced significant improvements in their health conditions. Here are some testimonials from Spooky2 Reviews:

  1. 6-Week Relief: Significant relief from lower back pain and restless legs after using Spooky2’s vagus nerve therapy.
  2. Reversing Diabetes: A 73-year-old user reversed diabetes and reduced seizures with Spooky2 and holistic nutrition.
  3. Life-Saving Benefits: Spooky2’s big C Prevention, Healing, and Detox Preset credited with saving a life through significant detox and weight loss.
  4. Chronic Pain Relief: An 80% reduction in chronic pain after using Spooky2’s remote and light pad therapy.
  5. Lymph Node Improvement: Significant reduction in swollen lymph nodes after using Spooky2 Plasma.

For more detailed reviews and testimonials, visit Spooky2 Reviews.

Introducing Spooky2 Products

Option 1: Basic Kit To Start Helping With Your Well-Being

If you want to start with 2 generators for simultaneous killing and detox, we suggest the Spooky2 XM Generator Portable Essential Kit.

Option 2: Find Accurate Frequencies You Need In Minutes

If you want to perform fast biofeedback scans and find exact frequencies tailored for you, we recommend the Spooky2 Portable GeneratorX Pro Essential.

Option 3: The Most Powerful Rife Machine For Serious Conditions

If your budget allows, consider the Spooky2 Portable Central GeneratorX Pro. It is the MOST powerful Rife machine, featuring plasma that can transmit up to 3.5MHz without a carrier. This method was the original transmission mode used by Royal Rife to treat serious conditions effectively.

Option 4: The Ultimate Device for Holistic Healing

Consider the Spooky2 Scalar GeneratorX Pro Essential if you’re looking to harness the power of scalar energy for cellular-level healing. This device can balance and harmonize the body’s energy field, leading to improved overall health. It is particularly effective in reducing stress, enhancing mental clarity, and boosting the immune system.

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  1. Does Spooky use the exact Dr Rife frequencies a foundation? The claim above says “replicated”, does that mean the exact frequencies?
    “replicating Royal Rife’s original machine thatsaved 16 patients back in 1934.
    Frequency transmission up to 3.5MHz without a fixed carrier frequency”

    Thank you!!!😊

    Lana M. Whittaker
    1. Hello Lana, yes Spooky2 uses the exact frequencies as Dr. Royal Rife, along with many additional frequencies. When we say “replicated,” it means that Spooky2 replicates the function and effectiveness of Rife’s original machine, including using his precise frequencies.
      Spooky2 can transmit frequencies up to 3.5MHz without needing a fixed carrier frequency, similar to Rife’s original method. This allows for a broad range of applications and effective frequency healing.
      Thank you for your question! 😊
      Best regards.

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