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How to Do a Grade Scan 2

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Besides the regular biofeedback scan, Spooky2 also allows you to perform a grade scan, which contains settings to test any database or third-party program for effectiveness against your condition. Once you identify which frequencies in multiple programs will work the best, you can run only these frequencies for better therapeutic effects. Let’s look at how to do a grade scan in this blog.

Both XM Generator and GeneratorX/GeneratorX Pro are capable of performing a grade scan. We will take GeneratorX Pro as an example.

In Which Mode Can We Perform a Grade Scan?

You can do a grade scan in Contact Mode (recommended where possible) or by using Sample Digitizer. You cannot do it in Plasma Mode because of the sensitive measuring electronics within GX Pro.

What Type of Programs Is the Grade Scan Suitable For?

You should do a grade scan with programs for pathogens or pathogenic conditions because only living organisms can mutate and change their mortal frequencies. Programs for healing, organ/system support, or detox should not be used because frequencies for these purposes are fixed and immutable.

You can find more details from the note part of this scan preset. Open Spooky2 software, go to the Presets tab and choose Biofeedback. Then click GeneratorX and select GX Grade Scan. Then, you will see the notes for this scan.

How to Do a Grade Scan?

To help you understand, we have created detailed tutorial videos to guide you in conducting a grade scan, covering hardware connections and software operations.

Please check this video about how to do a grade scan with XM Generator:

You can learn about how to do a grade scan with the GeneratorX/GeneratorX Pro from this video:

Can l Do a Grade Scan Using Contact Mode and Run Scan Results Using PEMF Mode?

Yes. You can consider running the scan results as running a specific program. Spooky2 offers five modes for running programs(Contact, Remote, Cold Laser, PEMF, and Plasma mode), and any of them can be used to run scan results.

What Values Indicate Effective Frequencies in the Scan Results?

The Grade Scan tells you which frequencies produced the strongest biological response in your body. Each frequency is run, and the response is measured.

The grade number Spooky2 gives each frequency is centered around 1. If a grade value is much above 1, it means the response was strong. If the score is much below 1, it tells us the response was weak. Thus, higher values indicate more effective frequencies.

So, in the scan results below, the first is the most effective frequency.

In general, we would like to recommend running the top ten frequencies.

Can I Run Grade Scan Results on GeneratorX Pro Standalone without a Computer?

Yes. You can run the scan results standalone, but you should load the programs from the computer first. You can load up to 30 programs into GeneratorX Pro, with a maximum of 200 frequencies per program. Refer to this page for more details.

In conclusion, a grade scan helps us identify the most beneficial frequencies in specific programs, leading to more effective treatment. We encourage everyone to attempt the grade scan. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comment section.

If you would like to try doing Spooky2 Grade Scan, welcome to check out the Spooky2 XM Essential Kit/Spooky2 GX Pro Essential Kit.

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  1. It says we can watch How to do a Grade Scan here……but there is NO
    video! Please let me know where I can find a recent version of How to do a Grade Scan as the last time I tried to do one it did not work out.

    Bonita L Murphy
    1. Hello Bonita, there are two videos showing in the article which are how to do a grade scan with XM Generator https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h01BZkGElu4 and GeneratorX/GeneratorX Pro https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tU1atDinHWs. Let me know if you have any further questions.

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