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How to Manage Your Dry Eyes Naturally 26

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Having dry and itchy eyes are annoying. You rub your eyes again and again during the day, but the itchiness won’t go away, and it might seem that the only relief is when you pour over-the-counter (OTC) or prescription eye drops in. However, it only works for a short period, and the doses may increase over time.

If this sounds familiar, you may have chronic dry eyes.

Chronic dry eyes affect millions of Americans, yet fortunately, they are treatable. The key is to identify what leads to dry eyes in your case so you can get direct relief and deal with the underlying cause effectively.

What is chronic dry eye?

Chronic dry eyes occur when your eyes can’t produce enough tears because the watery layer of the tear film is not functioning well. People with a low level of tear production can boost it with artificial tear eye drops. Other people get dry eyes from poor-quality tears, which means the tears evaporate too quickly. Chronic dry eyes can also be caused by inflammation in or around the eyes, skin conditions near the eyes, and allergies.

Persistent eye dryness can lead to complications such as blurry vision, corneal ulcers, and anxiety. They may also cause difficulty in working, driving, or reading.

Fortunately, making a few lifestyle improvements can help increase eye moisture and reduce irritation. They can help ensure your eyes remain refreshed and comfortable throughout the day.

Lifestyle changes to improve dry eyes

There are some simple changes you can make to improve chronic dry eye symptoms. Here we listed a few that you may have a try:

  • Wear sunglasses with side shields to prevent tears from evaporating.
  • Blink often when reading, working, or looking at a screen for a long time.
  • Use a cool-mist humidifier to add moisture to the air.
  • Drink water throughout the day to stay hydrated.
  • Avoid smoking and try not to be close to second-hand smoke.
  • Eat more fish, like herring, tuna, and salmon. These fish contain the highest amounts of omega-3 fatty acids, which can help improve dry eye symptoms and may even help with tear production.

Natural treatments of chronic dry eyes

Several natural treatments may help relieve your chronic dry eyes. Examples include:

  • Perform a DIY spa using a warm, wet cloth. Hold this over your eyes for five minutes to reduce dry eye symptoms.
  • Massage your eyelids with a mild soap, such as baby shampoo. Close your eyes, apply the soap with your fingertips, and gently massage your eyelids.
  • Use castor oil eye drops. Castor oil may help reduce tear evaporation and improve your dry eyes symptoms. Artificial tear eye drops that contain castor oil are available. However, remember to your doctor before trying any natural remedy.

Using Spooky2 to help with your dry eyes

If you suffer from dry eyes, over-the-counter eye drops can provide quick relief to refresh the eyes, which is convenient because you won’t have the hassle of getting a prescription.

However, OTC eye drops come with their own set of risks. Some drops contain chemicals that may harm your eyes when used in the long term.

Frequency solution is an alternative treatment to help with dry eyes. It does not have any side effects. If you intend to improve your eye problem naturally, frequency solution might be the right choice.

Spooky2 has the world’s largest frequency database, which contains over 35,000 programs dedicated to providing you with accurate and beneficial frequencies for various imbalanced energy and pains. When relieving symptoms of dry eyes, you may use specific frequency programs to improve your eye health and help with the symptoms.

Here we listed some programs that have received positive feedback for relieving dry eye symptoms. Give them a try, and the results might surprise you.

  1. Eye conditions RUSS
  2. Eye fatigue RUSS
  3. Eye general ailments XTRA
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  1. I suffer from dry eyes and was grateful for the article. However, I can’t read the Spooky2 programmes in your photo above, the photo misses them off.
    Any chance of another photo showing the programmes?
    Best regards

    1. Hi, we have reposted that image, so sorry for any inconvenience brought to you.

      1. Hello spooky team

        Would any of those products help my girlfriend remove dangerous blood clots from her lungs, it was caused by this evil experimental vaccine


        Daniel Knowles
        1. Hi, yes of course. We have the largest frequencies database, including removing blood clots. More details, you could contact [email protected]

  2. I magnified your list of programs and still could not read it. Can you post again?

    1. Hi, we have reposted that image, so sorry for any inconvenience brought to you.

      1. Thank you very much. Am going to run these today.

  3. Please repost this message with a full picture. Only half of the photo is visible. Or email me a full picture or list of the frequencies.

    Thank you

    1. So sorry for our mistake, we have updated it, hope it can help you to some degree.

  4. hello, thanks for the info concerning dry eyes but the list as shown I cannot read it, Could you please give me the name programs used. thanks. Anne PIjpers

    A. Anne Pijpers
    1. Hi, we have reposted that image, so sorry for any inconvenience brought to you.

  5. Hi. I want to try the frequencies referenced here, but the attached image is incomplete, or won’t open. Is there any way you could Re-attach it? Thanks!

    1. Hi, we have reposted that image, so sorry for any inconvenience brought to you.

  6. The image that is attached will not open, it is an incomplete image.

    1. Hi, so sorry. It is our mistake, we have corrected it, hope it will help you.

  7. I cannot enlarge the attachment to read what the frequencies are for dry eye in the picture above. Can you make the picture larger or print out what frequencies to try. Thank you

    1. Hi, so sorry. It is our mistake, we have corrected it, hope it will help you.

  8. where is the list?

    1. Hi, so sorry. It is our mistake, we have corrected it, hope it will help you.

  9. Hi, I did a search on my spooky2 for the three frequencies and there are no matches. Please advise!

    Helen Humphreys
    1. Hi, what version of Spooky2 software have you installed? Search the keyword “eye” on the Programs tab, scroll down, and then you will find these programs! If you still have trouble finding these programs, please feel free to send your questions to [email protected], our support team will help you have a further check and help you ASAP:)

  10. What people really have is eye gland dysfunction that causes dry eye. There is oil in the glands to keep the eye tears from drying out. There are 25-40 glands per eye in the lower lids and about the same in each upper. Most of
    the syndrome with this is in the lower glands.I have ZERO functioning lower eye glands.
    Not just itching but burning swollen tearing miserable pain 24/7. I used all the above frequencies and no results – but then again, mine were DEAD. It’s a very expensive magnifier to see these glands and not all opthamologists have one. These glands can not be seen just by regular eye equipment.
    The only thing that help this condition is IPL
    Or Intense Pulse Lighr Therapy and the name of this syndrome is called Meibomian Gland Dysfunction. If you only have a few atrophied glands, then the above recommendations may relieve or those frequencies may help but do everything you can to stop the atrophy because life is miserable when all eye glands do not function. Note: IPL treatments – but the best answer so far, is expensive!

    1. Hi, Marilyn. Really thanks for your sharing and addition! We hope our Spooky2 frequencies are able to help relieve some symptoms of people with this health issue to some degree.

    2. Hello Marilyn.
      I am not sure if it would help in your case, but I have had success with cell healing and repair using another device called the AquaCure. In my case, the most visible effect so far is the near disappearance of age spots and sub-dermal lipomas, among other things, after less than a year of use. Interestingly, since it has a basic frequency generator built into it, my curiosity was piqued and eventually lead me to discover Spooky2! The AquaCure (and no, I do not receive any kick-backs for my endorsements… just a very satisfied user) is an electrolyzer that turns water into Hydogen, Oxygen, etc. (Hydroxy gas). I highly encourage you to research it. Their website is eagle-research.com. I use Spooky2 in combination with the Aquacure as I believe they both highly complement each other.
      Best of luck,

      Stephen Wheeler
  11. I guess you would use Remote for this programme? Do you need to have some DNA in it?

    1. Yes, Jean. Remote mode will be a good choice. Follow the steps in this video to complete your treatment: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uB8Nc02d3Ds

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