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[Natural Health Secrets] Episode 59: 4 Questions Before Understanding What Quantum Healing Is Leave a comment

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Intro to Quantum Healing (made simple)

By Dr. Yole Y Ram

If you want to get out of a vicious circle of dependency, to own your life and manifest your real dream than listen.
This is simplified complex knowledge of source causes of all human problems.

To understand what is Quantum Healing we should understand:

1. What is life (human)?

“Life is a self-sustaining system capable of Darwinian evolution” – NASA.
Harmonious system functioning of body organs, emotions, thoughts that we experience are just biological, chemical and electrical interactions.
What are electrical and biochemical reactions: fluctuations (changes) of energy fields and what else?
We measure these fields as frequencies, in reality, these are frequency spectrums in constant change following specific patterns, laws – laws of nature.

2. What is Health?

Health definition is – the condition of being sound in body, mind, or spirit; especially: freedom from physical condition or pain.
The absence of condition and pain, only?

Individual systems intelligence & information patterns being in tune and in harmony with the intelligence patterns of the Environment. That means total health is friction-less relation between your intelligence and the intelligence of the universe.

3. What is condition?

Misbehavior of the system, disturbed inner data (disturbed hologram-DNA and info proteins)?
So, we are talking about broken harmony between inner/personal intelligence/information patterns and original- referent information matrix.
When the harmony of frequencies of a system is disturbed or broken, then we have conditions for, what we call condition.

4. What is the information or intelligence of our body systems?

We know somewhat the role of DNA and other information loaded protein groups? But all cells or our system carry a certain level of information and each cell can take the role of other cells if needed.

On deeper levels the information is carried by molecules and finer particles then atoms, electrons, and quarks, and this is the place where Quantum Physics comes into the picture. The reality of our existence is structured on Quantum Level, where we are talking about wave functions of smallest known particles whose nature is pure energy bordering the world of virtual energy field or Unified field of all the laws of nature.

To simplify, fluctuations of energy, we may say the frequencies or vibrations spectrum is at the source of the material structure of all organic and non-organic matter. Those fluctuations of energy are further expressed as electro-chemical reactions in our body and they are not random but follow certain intelligent patterns of behavior that produce what we call life in a variety of forms we know on our planet.

These fine energy patterns that carry information/intelligence of harmonious (healthy) system functioning can get distorted by:

a) Insufficient rest – sleep,
b) inappropriate food (processed with toxic ingredients, pesticides, herbicides, additives, preservatives and similar),
c) toxic air in cities and near factories,
d) allopathic medications, vaccines,
e) toxic personal hygiene and cosmetic products,
f) EMF – electromagnetic fields (cell phones, computers, cordless phones, smart meters, smart homes and equipment, cell towers,
g) parasites (macro and micro),
h) social stress, emotional stress, physiological stress,
i) New settle technologies like Nano, GMO, and much more…

The most important is to notice that:

Harmony of our original human intelligence pattern expressed as frequencies of vibration spectrum provides conditions for life growth and evolution. That is the development of full human inner potential-self-realization-enlightenment. Disturbed harmony provides conditions for condition, reduction of life, so personal and social evolution is slowed down. In other words, it creates inferior human beings capable only of simple survival behavior activities (in science fiction we call them zombies).

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