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[Natural Health Secrets] Episode 60: Get Out Of Vicious Circle Through Quantum Level Leave a comment

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Quantum healing is a process of ng the functions of a system with the natural laws of life, our original intelligence pattern – it applies to any living or social system.

Regarding healing, it can be done on many different levels and results will be different.

a) Drugs that contain synthetic active ingredients can produce temporary removal of acute symptoms but do not create the harmony of the system. Just stop acute event. Then the chemicals create further dis-balance of the system and condition pops up on other weak spots.
b) Whole herbs, minerals, and other natural methods support the re-balancing process of the system as well as.
c) Frequencies created by generators like Rife machine, Spooky2 and similar. It is important to understand that these natural processes are part of healing when we need to get enough energy so the natural regeneration of the system can pick up and complete the regeneration process.
d) Self-generated frequencies, vibration spectrum is the highest form of healing, when humans heal each other or self-heal. It is real quantum healing.

Until recently Quantum Healing was considered to be fake medicine but late scientific discoveries in NeuroScience, Epigenetics, and others have proven not only the mechanics of quantum healing but also its necessity. The complete healing of a human system cannot be achieved except when it is done on the quantum level. Scientists are beginning to see that it is not thoughts which are a product of molecules, but in fact, molecules are structured out of fluctuations of information in a field of infinite information. That it is consciousness which is the phenomenon and matter which is the epi-phenomenon. It is consciousness which conceives, governs, constructs and actually becomes physical matter.

Yogis, Buddhist monks, Shamans, and other highly developed people have practically demonstrated that generating a vibration spectrum of specific frequencies can be done. It can be measured. And the effects are also measurable. It is a conscious, intentional process. Personal consciousness state expressed through thoughts, emotions or sounds, even touch radiates and emits specific vibratory spectrums that naturally heal self or others by re-patterning distorted patterns of intelligence of body cells.

So to get out of the vicious circle of multiple dependencies we need to:

a) Get out of the environment that distorts our individual system,
b) Detoxify our system,
c) Shift to healthy food,
d) Sleep/rest 8 hours min,
e) Exercise daily,
f) Use frequency generators (like Spooky2) to get out of weakness,
g) Regenerate system by herbal supplements and natural methods,
h) It should be a planned process, most people do it by learning sustainable – green living skills and joining an Eco-community where appropriate harmonious, holistic living and growing conditions are provided.

Due to early stages of understanding the nature of Quantum Healing and Quantum Technology in addition to real sincere scientist, researchers and quantum healers we experience growing number of profit seekers who are misusing the ignorance of general population and sale fake treatments and technology that does not have real benefits to the users of their services and products.

Each person has the potential to do it. How we can do it is a matter of practice. Personal purification and personal development or self-realization techniques like TM – Transcendental Meditation.

We may discuss the details in the next episodes, so send your questions.

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