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Preset for Eyesight to Improve 2

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This preset is designed to target common vision ailments, including floaters and retinal detachment.

I have been running this preset for over a year now. It makes use of a spiked square wave coupled with the 11th harmonic. While most will consider this a healing modality, there are some frequencies that target pathogenic factors; therefore, this is a blended modality preset.

I used a custom waveform setup from JW with good results, so I kept it.
The idea behind this waveform is that the single directional spike generates a magnetic field that is aligned with the field of the strong neodymium magnet. This creates a single offset magnetic barb that greatly increases the performance of the Spooky Remote.”

Here’s the picture of the waveform setup inside:

Here are sets in use:
Eyesight to Improve (XTRA)
Vision Acuity (CAFL)
Floaters (KHZ)
Retinal Detachment (KHZ)

This preset will be in the next release. For those who wish to make use of it before then, here is the archive containing the preset.

Just extract the file inside the archive and copy into the user folder (C: Spooky2Preset CollectionsUser).

Eyesight To Improve (R) – JK.zip · version 1

Thanks for Jeff Kaczor

Source: https://www.facebook.com/groups/spooky2/717362061759033/

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  1. When you say been running a year – is this in intermittent times of a bit on a bit off ?
    I do use these frequencies periodically, but not constant
    With the spooky eye view device, I see stands floating & dots
    My eyes are so dry and stinging- even with my allergy- dry eye drops in day , lubricants at night
    Eye exam showed nothing other than glaucoma & what they call vitreous degeneration

    1. Hi, Madison, this blog is shared from Jeff. For more treatment advice, you can also exchange ideas from our facebook group.

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