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Increasing number of people is becoming aware of the painful reality – we can not expect the medical system to take care of our health.

If you do not take care of yourself, who will?

If you do not know what is health, how are you going to regain it?

To help you understand the essence of “real, natural health”, I will skip all dictionary definitions and start from the source of creation of existence, of all life on earth.

According to current science, Quantum Mechanics, the manifestation of all that existence comes from the Unified Field of all the Laws of Nature.

Fluctuations of the Unified Field give rise to the subatomic particles that comprise the atoms.

Elements are the basis of chemicals that are the basis of compounds.
Compounds from the DNA that is the blueprint of the cell.

Proteins, guided by the DNA, become organelles that make up the organs that make up the physiology, you and me and the Earth’s society.

The whole Universe is the expression of Consciousness – it is one unbounded ocean of Consciousness in motion.

Here is my definition: The health is friction-less flow of information from the environment (we may say the Universe or Nature or the Creator) through human reception centers and systems.

In other words, total health is balance of inner and outer, the balance of individual ego and cosmic ego (small “I” and big “I”).

When all inner energies flow freely without counteracting the flow of the energies of nature (universe), we are healthy, peaceful and happy.

Perfect health is harmony of intellect, mind, ego, emotions and body systems with the environment, we may say the nature or the intelligence of the universe.

How the harmony and balance of life that we call health gets distorted:

When the free flow of personal energy begins deviating from the natural flow of energies of the universe, our system starts experiencing resistance.

The deviation is caused by the mistake of the intellect, (call it illusion), that influences our mind’s decisions, emotions and physiological functions.

We can perceive it only if we are alert, settled and quiet.

It is a very tender feeling of discomfort and uneasiness.

At that point, we start losing energy since we are going against the natural flow of energies of nature and universe. Oneness is lost.

The feeling of loneliness and duality appears, the happiness is lost and intelligence that guides life processes in our body is distorted.

As we continue deviating from the flow or intent of nature, the discomfort increases and finally culminates in pain and condition.

Here is my definition: The condition is a result of a disturbed and distorted connection of our system with the intelligence of nature.

The destructive influence that creates distortion in friction-less flow of information is mainly pollution. electromagnetic, mental/emotional and physical toxins or heavy metals in air, food, water, medications, household and personal care and other.

If we analyze it from the perspective of physics, we will find that vibration or frequency spectrum of particles that structure our body cells and organs has been changed or distorted.

The definition of the dark force:

What ever disturbs friction-less connection with universe, reducing happiness and health is against Life Force, this is how we find to make life decisions, choices and personal actions.

People who created and continue creating conditions for destruction of life on earth, do it most of the time unknowingly.

When we get sick:

We are sick at the point of departing from unity with the intelligence of the universe, but usually we perceive it much later, when the discomfort becomes so disturbing that we cannot neglect it further.

Why we feel pain:

Since the order in the universe is a natural state of existence of all, when human beings deviate from that natural state of functioning in tune with all pervading intelligence, natural resistance on our path increases.

Going against the flow of nature’s energies depletes our energy relatively quickly.

The first signs are getting mentally or emotionally indifferent, then tired, then unhappy before small symptoms of inner discomfort begin.

If we continue persistently our way without noticing or understanding that it is opposite of nature’s flow, our discomfort increases, and pain becomes more perceivable.

As we know from personal experience, some people do not stop opposing and fighting nature until they become seriously ill. In such a situation, medical intervention becomes necessary.

At that stage being out of balance with intelligence of nature, we accept artificial healing methods, like contemporary approaches to health that very often increase dis-balance of our system.

It is not difficult to take care of our health and evolution.

The most natural reaction would be to re-establish balance and unity with intelligence of the universe.

If you are open, the learning have started right now and within a few minutes you had a chance to upgrade your understanding of health and life as a whole.

Your health, happiness and success in life are under your control, never, absolutely never forget it.

We are creators of our destiny.

Do not blame anybody. Do not blame life circumstances.

We are creators of our universe, either we accept it or not.

If you wish you can reboot your system, introducing the original information to your daily routine, your life will start getting new dimension, new light.

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3 Actions Necessary to Regain Health
1. Stop toxic intake
2. Detoxify system
3. Regenerate system

4 simultaneous levels of 3 healing actions
1. Physical
2. Mental
3. Social
4. Environmental

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