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Solfeggio Frequencies – Start Healing Your Body 10

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Solfeggio frequencies are sound frequencies which have been used for centuries. These frequencies comprise the ancient 6-tone scale which was used for sacred music, like the beautiful and soothing Catholic Church’s Gregory chants. The main six Solfeggio frequencies are 396Hz, 417Hz, 528Hz, 639Hz, 741Hz and 852Hz. Each Solfeggio frequency has unique characteristic. By receiving these frequencies, you can easily achieve the perfect harmony of your body and mind.

Here are some incredible healing benefits of Solfeggio frequencies.

Liberate Frequency

396Hz frequency eliminates the feeling of fear and guilt by bringing down the defense mechanisms. These negative feelings can prevent us from realising our full potential and stop us from reaching personal goals.

Energizing Frequency

417Hz frequency removes the negative energy from our body and encourages the cells and body to feel more energized. Sometimes, we have negative emotions when we’re facing problems or stresses. This frequency helps us wipe out all negative atmospheres and gives us a new beginning for life journey.

Miracle Frequency

528Hz frequency is the most well known frequency of Solfeggio frequencies. It is known as “miracle tone” and “DNA repair frequency”. It helps repair human DNA and keep it in the best state. It also can bring transformation and miracles to our life.

Connecting Frequency

639Hz frequency helps us solve the relationships problems in family or between friends. It can encourage the body and soul to adapt to the environment and express the real understanding, tolerance, appreciation and love.

Cleanse Frequency

741Hz frequency is used for cleaning and removing toxins from our cells and organs. It can change our diets towards healthier food and remove electromagnetic radiations from our cells. This frequency will lead us to have a pure, stable and spiritual life.

Awakening Frequency

852Hz frequency is used to raise awareness and restore mental order. This frequency can open our mind to communicate with spirits. It enables cells to transform themselves into higher energy systems.

Solfeggio Frequencies

Applying Solfeggio frequencies with Spooky2

Though it’s easy to get the benefits of Solfeggio frequencies by listening to the audio frequencies, it still has some limitations. For instance, the frequency signal accuracy can be reduced when you hear it online. Because sound in a compressed file can have information loss. You are also grounded to be close to the audio if you choose to hear, and the frequency sounds may affect your rest and work.

Now, with Spooky2 Rife machine you can receive accurate Solfeggio frequencies at anytime and anywhere. There are five modes available to fit your busy life style: Remote, Contact, Cold Laser, PEMF and Plasma. More importantly, Spooky2 software has the largest frequency database in the world. It helps you to generate all treatment frequencies in a convenient way.

You can set up Solfeggio healing frequencies with three simple steps:

Firstly, launch Spooky2 Software and select “Healing (R) – JW” shell preset.

Preset Tab

Secondly, go to Programs Tab, type “Solfeggio” in the search box and double click “Solfeggio Frequencies” to load this program.

Programs Tab

Thirdly, go to Control Tab to load and run this program.

Control Tab

Click below to learn more Spooky2 healing frequencies:

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  1. Can someone explain why these don’t show up in the software I just downloaded over the weekend?

    1. I can find the ” Solfeggio Frequencies” on the programs page . Please research it

  2. I have a round white microphone device that attaches to the Spooky 2 XM generator that I have never used. If I attach this and run Solfeggio frequencies on that generator will there be sounds? Does this work with the Schumann resonances too? Would any of them help me to sleep and heal my damaged DNA?

    1. Sorry that we didn’t test it so we cannot make sure it.

  3. Hi
    I used gen x with tens pads on contact mode with tens placed just below shoulders to apply Solfeggio yesterday. Now I am wondering if this was OK to do, as I can’t see anything here that suggests this. Could you please advise if this is OK?

    1. Hi, you can put it below shoulders but pls also keep it away from your heart.

  4. Is 18 minutes the best run time? How long can you run it?

    Jean M Mercaldi
    1. We recommend taking things slowly. The program running time depends on the dwell and number of frequency sets you choose. Everyone has different conditions. Listen to your body. If you feel tired and / or unwell, take a break and reduce your treatment times.Please check here https://www.spooky2-mall.com/blog/how-long-and-how-often-to-use-contact-remote-and-plasma/

  5. Hi does anyone know how long it would take to imprint water with solfeggio frequencies using a cold laser?

    1. It’s very good to use Spooky2 Cold Laser to imprint frequencies. Possibly the best way would be using Spooky2 Cold Laser Wrist, because of the fact that it’s so large.
      You can have a small glass of water. You can put it on the top of the water, so they can get the benefit of five cold lasers all working together with coherent light placing over the top. The cold laser is a very good way of applying frequencies into the water. It’s actually better than the coil, where it can take only something like 10seconds for the fast frequencies / the high frequencies. If you want to put lower frequencies into the water, you choose the treatment time over perhaps an hour to the very low frequencies.

      For viewers who aren’t very familiar with imprinting frequencies into the water, the idea is you treat the water, and then you drink a small part of the water. And that’s the convenient way of applying the frequencies directly into your body internally.

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