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We have just uploaded the 1 February 2016 release of Spooky2 and the User’s Guide here:


These are the changes:

New: checkbox control to subtract the database frequency running on Out 1 from Out 2. Where Out 1 has a harmonic multiplier applied, and both Outs are being combined, this creates a beat frequency equal to the currently transmitting database frequency. This allows Spooky Central to transmit all frequencies from .0001Hz to 3.5MHz automatically.

New: right clicking any Channel button brings up a dialog asking whether a Spooky Central is connected to that Channel. Clicking “Yes” will automatically load correct settings, ensuring the machine cannot be damaged by inappropriate values. The label at the top left of the Channel Control panel will then display this connection to Spooky Central.

New: since Out 2 can now effectively run a different Program to Out 1, it has been given its own independent gate control. As a result, some previous gate functions are now obsolete and have been removed.

New: a number of very useful Presets for Spooky Central have been added.

New: new Spooky Central Preset with a 3.1MHz carrier. This will allow users to experience and compare the two systems of frequency generation and application for themselves.

New: selecting the “Identify USB Devices” command from the Utils Menu opens USBView.

Improved: increased default HRV maximum from 20 to 30, allowing easier Spooky Pulse scans.

Improved: labeling – biofeedback initiation button is now “Scan,” and “Identify Ports” is now “Identify Generators.”

Improved: modified code to allow Unicode systems (Chinese, Arabic, etc.) to read the database. The encryption method has also been changed.

Improved: the “Users” subdirectory has been renamed “Presets.” If “Users” already exists, it will be renamed automatically. Additionally, the “RecommendedSettings” subdirectory has been renamed “RecommendedPresets.”

Improved: negative Spectrum percentages are now possible.

Fixed: bug in Out 2 Offset frequency control.

Fixed: various code fixes and optimisations.

Database: entries from A-L now have verbose Additional Notes. New additions and corrections.

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