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Spooky2 version 20190415 has been formally released. You can download this version at: https://www.spooky2.com/downloadspage/

Here is a list of the changes:

New: Step number display during biofeedbacks.
New: Option to only allow positive or negative arbitrary waveform values.

Improved: Contact mode voltage spikes reduced (eliminated) during frequency resolution transitions.
Improved: If chain preset is loaded, AND Run For is zero, AND Repeat Sequence or Repeat Chain are set to zero, Repeat Sequence is set to 1. This is to allow chains to progress to the next chained preset.
Improved: Selecting Custom Database from the top file menu now makes the database active in the System tab.
Improved: Reverse Lookup reports will now show loaded programs as part of the report.
Improved: GX title-bar display if no preset is loaded.

Fixed: Preset update routine for very old presets.
Fixed: Skin application for file dialog boxes was corrupted and causing crashes.
Fixed: Generator errors when GX preset names are too long.
Fixed: Reverse Lookup reporting for sub harmonics.
Fixed: Out 2 frequency max/min control during amplitude ramps.

Updated: Multiple presets. Thank you, Bryan Yamamoto and David Halliday.
Updated: Base Pair databases. Total program count now 42,650 with 155,496 entries.

Spooky2 Software Release

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