Spooky2 20190701 Released 4

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We’ve just uploaded Spooky2 20190701 here: https://www.spooky2.com/downloadspage/

The focus of this release has been on stability.

Memory leaks can affect the reliable performance of previous versions. Please download this latest version at https://www.spooky2.com/resources/Spooky2_Setup_20190701.exe.zip

New: Menu option to emulate a single GX and XM generator for training purposes.
New: Program frequency now written to status.csv.
New: Frequency wobbles can be defined within the preset file. This is best explained through example. In this example, we will create a 5-stage wobble using Odd harmonics only.

Manually create this line anywhere within a preset file. Retain the quotation marks:
“Custom_Wobble=Odd Harmonic 5 Stage,1,3,5,7,9”

If the program frequency is 1000 Hz, Spooky will wobble the frequency by outputting 1000 Hz, 3000 Hz, 5000 Hz, 7000 Hz, 9000 Hz, then loop back to the beginning of the wobble.

• Wobbles defined in the Preset file override any frequency wobble chosen in the Settings tab.
• Each number after “=” is a wobble factor. The maximum number of wobble factors is 50.
• Only one wobble can be defined per preset file. If more than one wobble is defined, the last wobble is active.
• Exponents are accepted when defining wobble factors.

New: Warning dialogs for GX Reset and Erase buttons.

Improved: Chained presets now retained if active preset is saved.
Improved: Spooky2 installation backups now placed under \Spooky2_Bak.
Improved: Generator interlock code to prevent memory leaks.

Updated: BP database. Total program count now 48,104 with 165,600 entries.

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  1. The new software are still missing spider vein and autosomal disorder from ETDFL database and since these two are common ailment with many people suffering from the diseases, I was hoping next version will have them incorporated to the software. T4 nanobot also missing from the database, very easy to get infect from contaminant food and dirty water. http://universalrife.com/rife-machine-best-rife-machines.html

    1. Hi Arthur, thanks for your suggestion. We will tell this with our engineer.

  2. Can you apply a wobble from the settings tab to a preset that is currently running???

    1. Hi, it cannot and you need to set it in advance then go to control tab to run it.

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