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Spooky2 20200414 Released 4

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Spooky2 version 20200414 has been formally released.

The release is available on this website now: https://www.spooky2.com/downloadspage/

Only 1 bug has been found (and stomped on) since the last formal release. Spooky2 is getting stronger!

Changes since the last formal release of Spooky2:

Fixed: Frequency limits. In previous versions of Spooky2, manually entered frequency limits were overriding the generator’s specified maximum.

Updated: BP database to version 20200414.
Updated: Main database to version 20200411.
Updated: Online help document. Courtesy of Bryan Yamamoto.

New: Country-specific Cold & Flu presets.

New: Split frequency sets between Out1 and Out2 when combining programs.

New: Right-clicking on the frequency list box copies the current frequency to the clipboard.

New: Option to save hits after each scan/run cycle.
New: Option to append hits from each scan/run cycle.

Improved: Highlighting of searched text in Notes.

Other code improvements have been made to improve the speed and stability of Spooky2.

As always, enjoy! And stay safe!

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  1. 19
    Peace be upon Yours All.
    Thank You ver much, this is a very good work.
    ** Ali **

  2. Lots of terrific enhancements! Thanks

    1. with my pleasure

  3. It’s got a virus in it. Can’t load it.

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