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Spooky2 Doll Travel Diary

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Dear friends, I’m 6 years old now! To celebrate my birthday, my parents in China invited many friends to travel with me in April. Wow, what an amazing journey! I can’t wait to share with you guys!

First stop: Nelson Mandela Square in South Africa

Spooky2 Doll Travel Dairy-First stop

A wonderful start! Marian is such a kind lady. She took me to Nelson Mandela Square and we took a picture with “Nelson Mandela”! Oh, man, I’m so little compared with him.

Second Stop: Hunter Valley Wine Country in Australia

Spooky2 Doll Travel Dairy-Second Stop

This place is so peaceful and lovely! Linda and I spent a good day in the Hermitage Lodge. Do you know how the wine tastes here? Oops, I’m underage for that. 😉

Third Stop: A Buddhist Temple in Japan

Spooky2 Doll Travel Dairy-Third Stop

Shinjiro and his lovely wife took me to a Buddhist temple and told me many stories! For example, do you guys know what this stone figure of big frog is? “Frog” and “Return home” are the same reading in Japanese. This stone figure is the symbol of “return home safe”! Many coins are on the frog, like Trevi Fountain in Rome.

Fourth Stop: Flower and Sushi Day in Japan

Spooky2 Doll Travel Dairy-Fourth Stop

I’m still in Japan today! Teruhisa and I went to see the cherry blossoms and we also ate Sushi. Emm, yummy! I love this country!

Fifth Stop: Parque Tamosura in Mexico

Spooky2 Doll Travel Dairy-Fifth stop

Welcome to the city of copper! I’m with Ariel family and the sun shines so brightly for us! I made two lovely friends today. Look, we are like a boy band together!

Sixth Stop: The Church of St Eustache in France

Spooky2 Doll Travel Dairy-Sixth stop

My parents came to find me today! And we went to this graceful church together. What a great day!

Last Stop: Many Places in Spain

Spooky2 Doll Travel Dairy-Last stop

I went on a full day trip today. Such a passionate country! I went to El Escorial, Silla de Felipe II, and Toledo. Do you know Toledo is the most ancient city in the world? I feel so energetic for getting all these interesting facts!

A month with friends has gone so fast! I came back home with all your kindness and support. I believe that I will become much stronger and helpful with all the love I get from you guys! Which city do you want me to show up? Comment below and I may visit you next time!

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