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Amazing Results with Generator X and xm

At the advice of my care wellness Doctor in Florida,I purchased The Spooky2 Generator X for the many autoimmune diseases I have. Spooky2 has helped me more than any Western medical doctor has. I am a work in progress. I certainly have more energy than I have had in years. So there is that and then there is this. My daughter lives in N.Y. and has had problems with a Plantar wart for years. Her Doctor had repeatedly treated her for this with nothing working. The Doctor wanted to do surgery, she asked him to wait 2 weeks. She had sent me some finger nail clippings and I started running frequencies for Plantar wart, general wart and a fungus. Two weeks later she went back to the doctor, he said I don’t know what you did but it’s gone. I used the xm generator for this. Pretty amazing.