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Fibrosis of the breast

Almost two years ago, my daughter was complaining about what seemed to be a form of breast fibrosis. She’d had the problem for some time, but no treatment had worked. As I was setting up my Spooky2 rig at the time, I offered my daughter a scan, to followed by remote treatment, since she lived some distance away. Her scan showed a strong hit for a frequency of about 123,000 Hz, so I saved this as a program and started running it. I remember not setting any of the wobble options. Within a day or two, my daughter said she was feeling a lot better. However, by about the sixth day, she said it was back. Feeling concerned that this would shake her confidence in Spooky, I invited her for another scan, which this time gave a main hit of about 124,000 Hz. Whatever was causing her problem had mutated in frequency by almost one percent, making it immune to the program. So this time I made three programs: 123,000, 124,000, and 125,000 Hz, to be run on separate generators. And this time, I selected all three wobbles for each program. Frequency wobble was 0.025% for the 124,000 Hz program and 0.5% for the upper and lower ones. I’m not saying these “frequency rails” helped; it was just an attempt to cage in the target so that it had no means of escape. This time was more successful, though, and my daughter hasn’t mentioned the problem since.