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Remove pain from grease burn

I splashed hot bacon grease across 4 fingers on my right hand. I immediately ran cool water from the kitchen sink over my hand for about 10 minutes. My fingers were swollen and red. The pain was intense. I turned on my pc and XM spooky generators. I found and ran these programs; Burns CAFL, Burns ETDF, Blister XTRA using tens pads with healing preset. I ran these programs once a day for 4 days. My body got cold every time I ran them. The first day I had mild pain and then the pain went away. The skin was raised and blisters tried to form, but they didn’t. A week later I was left with dark patches of burnt skin. This was the worst burn I have ever experienced. My family wanted me to go to the hospital but I did not. This experience gave me proof that the Spooky machine works. I have had the generators for 3 years now and never really knew if they were helping. Now I know they do.