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Spooky 2 Rife zaps me back to thriving health!

I had a serious rash that started at my feet and over a couple months spread to about 80% of my body. This rash was very painful and extremely itchy. I don’t like to take prescription drugs so I was on a mission to figure out a holistic way to eliminate this rash. Upon finding a Naturopath it was discovered through Qest4 bioenergetic scanning that I had a multitude of issues going on including Candida, Aspergillus and Slime Mold with eventually a very high level of 8 mycotoxins, tick bite bacteria in my blood, round worm and liver fluke parasites, heavy metals, and vaccine injury, and underneath that all the toxins we pick up everyday.. Over the past 18 months I have cleared everything but 3 mycotoxins (which are very stubborn) since my last scan about 6 weeks ago. This healing has come from using several types of resources including supplements, essential oils, light therapy, TKM touch therapy and many weekly Rife sessions. I believe the Rife therapy has been at the top of the list for killing and healing all that I was battling. I decided to buy a GeneratorX Rife machine about 8 months ago so I could treat myself at home. This has been huge in the healing process as it seems when you clear something from your system a hidden problem can arise that you didn’t know about. I love the biofeedback scans along with the hunt and kill setup as it takes the guess work out of what to look for. Recently I discovered the Mold Slime Sweep that runs for about 12 hours. I ran this for several days and the only place I had any rash left was in the arches of my feet. I have finally stopped feeling the movement of the Slime mold mycotoxins – yes they move and you can feel it – it’s creepy! I believe this sweep has finally killed off the last of the mycotoxins and I will get another scan in about 6 weeks to confirm. Now I am moving on to the many other programs that Rife offers and I truly believe the Rife protocol has offered me healing I would not get anywhere else. I’m so grateful for my GeneratorX!