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SAMA-Top 10 SAMA 2019

Top 10 SAMA – One on One with John – Looking Back at 2019 Part 4 Leave a comment

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In 2019, we produced 53 episodes of SAMA interviews. Gratitude to John and all SAMA experts, and also every one of you who watched the programs and gave advice. Thank you all for your time and opinions. Here we present you the Top 10 SAMA – One on One with John!

10. Episode 103: The Fourth Phase of Water Beyond Solid, Liquid, and Vapor

Gerald Pollack is a scientist recognized worldwide as a dynamic speaker and author, whose passion lies in plumbing the depths of natural truths. He discussed EZ (exclusion zone) water, which delivers power to your mitochondria so your cells have more energy. It also fights aging and stress and helps your body recover faster.

9. Episode 118: Curing Our Sick Health Care System and Get to Know GcMAF

Dr. Mikael Nordfors is an Independent Health Advisor and is currently working with integrative treatments for severe condition, psychiatric problems, and various forms of pain. He is the fighter of the dark side of the medical industry. He also discussed various medical solutions, GcMAF, and dietetic regulation.

8.Episode 90: Properly Calibrated Oils, Fish Oils, and Properly Formulated Oils

Brian Peskin is a theoretical research scientist specializing in lipids-based pharmacognosy. In this episode, he talked about Properly Calibrated Oils, fish oils, and Parent Essential Oils.

7. Episode 115: New MiraMate Cold Laser solution Device Is Here!

MiraMate Joint Aid is specially designed for joint issues, including joint pain, arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, frozen shoulder and more. It is easy to use. Simply put on the protection glasses, turn on the device, and shine the light on your sore joints. It’s time to enjoy it!

6. Episode 125: MiraMate Flash Release

MiraMate Flash is possibly the safest, most efficient and affordable healthcare product you can own. It applies powerful bursts of VUV light, which can wipe out almost all pathogens, without damaging healthy cells. The results of lab tests and more are presented in this SAMA.

5. Episode 87: Radical Metabolism, Weight Loss and Hormone Balance

Ann Louise Gittleman is regarded as a nutritional visionary and health pioneer who has fearlessly stood on the front lines of holistic and integrative medicine. She shared Radical Metabolism, weight loss, detox, and hormone balance.

4. Episode 96: Energy Healing: The Power to Heal

Richard Gordon, the founder of Quantum-Touch Organization, is a visionary and a pioneer. In this episode, he discussed Quantum-Touch and emotional release, the difference between Quantum-Touch and QiGong.

3. Episode 112: Dreamtime Healing Using Holographic Kinetics

Steve Richards is the founder of Dreamtime healing using holographic Kinetic. Holographic Kinetics has an understanding of the laws of Lore and its application in the clearing of thought-forms and forces entrapped within separate dimensions of time that are responsible for many of the mental health and other issues.

2. Episode 113: How To Breathe Correctly

Patrick McKeown is a world-renowned expert in the Buteyko Breathing Method and the Director of Education at The Buteyko Clinic International. He shared different ways of breathing, symptoms of bad breathing habits and the right way to breathe.

1. Episode 85: Spooky2 Software: Groundbreaking New Features

Spooky2 is constantly optimized to give users the best experience. Our software is updated every once in a while. In this new version of Spooky2 Software, there are many groundbreaking new features.

We believe that there must be one on your favorite list. In the coming year, which expert do you want to see on SAMA? What health topic do you want us to talk about? Comment below and share your opinions with us!
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