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Top 10 Spooky2 Videos – Looking Back at 2018 Part 3 Leave a comment

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This year, more and more people are joining Spooky2 family. To help new family members get started more easily, here are our Top 10 videos of 2018. Have you guessed it right? Come and see if you are using Spooky2 correctly!

10. How to Set Up Multiple Generators

One XM generator could run only one preset each time. But in order to help with your problems better, users usually use at least two generators at the same time. Then how to connect and set them on the software becomes a big problem. This video shows clearly how to do that.

9. Spooky2 PEMF Coil Hardware Connection and Software Operation

The PEMF coil is a low power frequency source. It can be used for pain management, sleep disorders, entrainment, depression and anxiety, bone healing and much more. You can directly connect it with a generator to enjoy the benefits.

8. How to Set Up Both Hardware and Software to Use Spooky2 Sample Digitizer

Spooky2 Sample Digitizer is used for direct GX scanning of biological samples (Urine, Saliva, Blood, etc.). This enables you to perform remote biofeedback scans. You are not required to be connected by wires.

7. How to Use Spooky2 Cold Laser

Physicians have been using cold laser solution for over 40 years on patients who are seeking effective, alternative methods for pain relief. Over 2,500 clinical studies published worldwide since 1967. This time, we bring cold laser solution to your home.

6. How to Run Terrain Protocol BY in Remote Mode Using One Generator

Terrain protocol treats you from the small up to the large and helps you detox from heavy metals, flukes, to parasites and other things. The Terrain remote preset is very convenient to use. This preset runs for 11 days and then repeats itself.

5. How to Connect Spooky2 Contact Accessories

There are six kinds of devices you could use in Spooky2 contact mode. All of them are very effective and used by many people. This video will tell you how to connect all Spooky2 contact accessories.

4. How to Set up Both Hardware and Software to Do a Full System Scan

It’s very important to know which frequencies to use with Spooky2. A full system biofeedback scan can help you with that. During the scan, it will kill or injure pathogens. Your body registers these events as stresses, and each one is clearly recorded. And you can use them next time.

3. How to Use Spooky2 Remote V2.0

Spooky2 Remote became popular immediately after it was released due to its convenience. You don’t have to be in the same room as the machine, or even in the same country, so it’s hand-free and it can be used while sleeping.

2. How to Connect and Run a Generator for the First Time Spooky2 Users

This video is for the first time Spooky2 users. It shows how to connect Spooky2-XM generator, how to install Spooky2 software and how to run Terrain (R)-BY protocol. It is important to run the Terrain Detox Protocols before anything else when you first get your Spooky2 kit.

1. How to Do GeneratorX Biofeedback Scan

Here comes our champion today! GX changes the rules for biofeedback entirely. A biofeedback scan which takes an hour with Spooky2 Pulse now takes just over 4 minutes. No more sitting (or lying) down forever, waiting for a biofeedback scan to complete.

Do you agree with us on this list? Which video helped you the most in 2018? Comment below and share your story with us!

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