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Troubleshooting: Verifying Your Spooky2 Generator Works OK 2

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Here are the exact steps you can follow to verify your Spooky2 generator works OK.

Testing the generator by itself.

Test the XM as a standalone generator using these settings:

CH1 F=00′ 000′ 000.10 Hz AMPL = 20.00V OFFSET = 000% DUTY = 50% P = 000%
CH1 Sync Tracemode: Yes
CH2 F=00′ 000′ 000.10 Hz AMPL = 20.00V OFFSET = 000% DUTY = 50% P = 180%
CH2 Sync Tracemode: F.A.D. (This tells CH2 to follow the frequency, amplitude and duty cycle of CH1.

Connect the Spooky Boost cable.

Here are four ways to test the generator:

1. If you have a Digital Multimeter, you can set it on the 20 volts DC scale and connect it to the ends of a TENS cable. You’ll see the voltage go to +9.8 volts for 5 seconds, then switch to -9.8 volts for 5 seconds. If you see that, the generator is working correctly.

2. If you have a Spooky Remote, you can connect it to the output of the Spooky Boost cable. The LEDs should light up alternately every 10 seconds. If that happens, the generator is working correctly.

3. If you have the TENS cable and TENS pads, you can turn the CH1 amplitude down to zero, and apply a pad to the inside of each ankle using the red and black connectors. When you’re ready, turn the CH1 amplitude up gradually until you feel a sensation. 8 to 12 volts should be enough but 20 volts was not unbearable. If you feel the tingle, the generator is working correctly.

4. If you still have any doubts, get an AM radio and tune it to an unused channel. Tune the CH1 frequency to around the same frequency and verify that you hear the output of the generator on the AM radio. As you change the frequency of the generator, you might hear various tones, squeals, racket or sudden silence which indicates the generator is working correctly.

Once you’re confident that the generator is working correctly, it’s time to test the communication between the computer and the generator. Leave the generator connected to its power supply and turned On.

Connecting the USB cable

To dissipate any static electricity, touch the metal case of your computer with one hand and the metal case of your generator with the other hand. If you get a slight jolt, be thankful you took the shock and not your expensive gear. Now, touch the metal end of the USB cable with one hand and touch your computer case with the other. The computer, generator and USB cable are all at the same potential now, so it’s safe to connect the USB cable to the generator and then to the computer.

The USB cable supplies the data connection between the Spooky2 program and the XM generator. The USB connection cannot supply sufficient power to fully power the generator, so the generator power supply should always be connected to the mains supply and connected to the generator when it is in use.

Testing with Spooky2 software.

Start up the Spooky2 program.

If the program displays “No generators were detected. Entering Test Mode” you should double-check the USB cable. Substitute a different cable if you have one. It the same kind of cable that most printers use, so you can temporarily borrow one to verify whether the cable is good. If you replace the cable, close the Spooky2 program and open it again.

There are also possible issues with the driver installation. See the Utils menu and the User Guide to remedy any driver problems.

Finally, you can try to use the program.

Choose a program in Spooky2 by double-clicking on it in the database list to load it. Any one will do for testing.

Click the red Channel button just right of center (Channel 3 on my computer). You’ll see the Channel Control 3 window with a list of frequencies. Click Start. It may take a few seconds for the waveforms to be created and transferred to the generator. You may hear a relay click in the generator. Those are good signs. Now compare the frequencies on the generator’s LCD display with the frequencies in Spooky2’s list. If the frequencies match, then, hooray, your entire system is working correctly!

Authored by Tom Evans

Source: http://www.spooky2.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=2616

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  1. Gen mx output 1 does not light up when running signal test. is it a capacitor or resistor. do you sell just circuit board replacements?

    1. Hi, we can provide you with this help. Feel free to contact our customer service at [email protected], they will help you ASAP:)

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