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Does Scalar Wave Target the Bacteria or Fungi in the DNA Sample? 2

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A Scalar Wave does not target anything. It transmits information. This information will only resonate the target.

For example, let us assume that you have samples of Human, Bug 1, Bug 2, Dust, and a Pet in your Spooky Remote. Applying an entrainment frequency for kidneys will have the following effect:

Human – has kidney, has effect.
Bug 1 – has no kidney, has no effect.
Bug 2 – has no kidney, has no effect.
Dust – no effect
Pet – may have an effect if the frequencies also resonate with the pet, but most likely will not work in this case.

Applying a killing frequency for Bug 1 will have the following result:

Human – receives frequency to all cells, cells vibrate imparting resonance to bug 1, and bug 1 feels awful.
Bug 1 – receives frequency to itself directly, making it feel really awful.
Bug 2 – feels good that he is not bug 1.
Dust – no effect.
Pet – receives frequency to all cells, but has no bug 1, so nothing happens.

So unless you have a frequency that actually resonates with a bug to make it stronger, nothing would happen.

Source: https://www.facebook.com/groups/spooky2/permalink/563493883812519/

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  1. Why are you talking about scalar treatment and then talking about remote. Aren’t those two are completely different modalities? Or can you do spooky remote with scalar preset?? Or you mean just the results from spooky2 remote treatment could be transferred to scalar?

    1. Hi,Spooky2 Remote uses scalar energy but it is extremely low power. The information is transferred using quantum entanglement of DNA. Spooky2 Scalar works directly with the target, using higher power levels.
      So if you run remote, please try remote preset and if you try scalar, please load scalar preset.

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