When you are unable to save the scan, it means that it was not performed. The system most likely did a simulated scan and prompted at some point that the results are not valid.

It sounds like you are having issues initializing the pulse unit properly.

Here are the 4 main steps to ensure you get at least started in the right direction:

1. Plug in the pulse unit prior to launching Spooky2. It will not work if plugged in after.

2. Plug in the pulse unit directly to the computer, not via a usb hub. USB hubs add latency which will cause the unit to perform less than ideal if at all.

3. Once you plug in the pulse unit, ensure the Green light is lit solid (shows powered up). Then while wearing the sensor, ensure the red light is blinking (shows when readings are being taken).

4. Now start Spooky2. Go to the advanced menu. In the bottom right corner it should show a box with a list of all your generators that have been discovered. Along with this list, you should see the pulse listed. If it is not, then you have a connection problem.

If this pops up at the start of your scan, stop and restart from step 1 above. Your pulse is not active and the scan will not be saved. The results you get back are simulated and even if you write them down and make a set manually, will not do what you wish them to do.