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Can Rife Frequencies Remove Warts? 8

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Do you know when we discovered warts on humans for the first time? Warts have plagued humans for thousands of years since the first case was found on a 3000-year-old mummy. They are skin infections caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV) and may trigger extra cell growth, leading to rough bumps on your skin.

Warts are not usually dangerous, but they are highly contagious. You can get warts from touching someone who has them, and they may grow anywhere on your skin. Also, the appearance and location of warts can cause distress and embarrassment, bringing both physical and mental problems to the patients.

What are the types of warts?

There are five main types of warts. Each of them appears on a different part of the body and has a unique appearance.

Common Warts

Common warts can occur anywhere, but most often, they are on the fingers, the skin around nails, the feet, and the knees. They have a rough, raised, grainy surface and may appear cauliflower-like. Common warts also have small black spots of clotted blood vessels surrounding the infected area.

The size of these warts can range from 1 millimeter (mm) to 1 centimeter (cm) or larger. Usually, they are not painful and can go away on their own.

Plantar Warts

Feel like there are pebbles in your shoes? Please check the soles of your feet because plantar warts often grow on the heels, toes, and soles. Unlike other warts, pressure from your body weight presses plantar warts to grow into your skin and can cause walking and standing uncomfortable.

Flat Warts

Flat warts usually grow on the face, thighs, or arms. The upside of these warts is that they’re smaller and smoother than other types. However, the downside is that they tend to grow in large numbers, sometimes between 20-100 at a time.

Filiform Warts

Filiform warts are long and thin in shape. They are fast-growing and grow in thread-like and spiky strands. Filiform warts tend to develop on the face, around your mouth, eyes, and nose, which can be very annoying, even though they don’t usually hurt.

Genital Warts

Genital warts mainly occur in the genitals, urethra, perianal and anal parts. More than 95% of genital warts get transmitted through sexual contact. In rare cases, people get infected by contaminated underwear, bedpans, etc.

Can we use Spooky2 to help with warts?

Recently, a Spooky2 user shared how she managed to get rid of warts after two treatments using Spooky2 Rife machine.

This pic is before the first treatment:

This pic is after two treatments:

Frequency healing solution is an alternative solution for warts that is natural, safe, and does not cause side effects.

Spooky2 has the world’s largest frequency database containing over 35,000 beneficial programs. You can use these frequencies to help yourself or your family members.

For warts, valid keywords would be “wart”, “verruca”, “papilloma”, “HPV”, etc. You can find related presets/programs on the Preset/Programs of Spooky2 software by these keywords.

More success stories about removing warts: https://www.spooky2reviews.com/?s=warts

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  1. very nice to see this for Spooky therapy: Question might be Approach, what would be best to start for treatment?.
    See (C) for Contact be the though (P) plasma “Central Users” can Tune these Preset/Programs for treatment, (S) scalar treatment.
    My own initial thought would be Contact be possibly the best start if one may only have GeneratorXM and or GeneratorX-Pro using contact.
    Those with SpookyCentral – more full spectrum of choices to treat. 1 idea, Contact followed up with Plasma Body Tube might be a soft approach.
    Suggestion: If too one may have and or – access to fair supplied health Store or has Colloidal Silver Generator? . Using 10-15mg of Colloidal Silver prior might increase the reaction to heal and cure (off Warts) from skin surface. Peme-coil I believe was or has use also. Length of time would be collections of what Programs one would attach to a Preset. With a possible other suggestion – if Severe issue with such skin appendages. Create short few programs to one Preset save into User Presets for what ever choice of available device to use and create another with more time alot of program collections. So One could alter between few User Preset Selections. Heal Well .

    1. Hi, Tim. Thanks for your kind sharing:)💕

  2. Thank you for posting the article titled “Can Rife frequencies remove warts”. Would you post such as Can Rife frequencies remove moles. an other type of skin problem.

    1. Hi, Luis. Thanks for your kind advice. We will consider it:)🥰

  3. This is good to hear but what program did she use?
    This i find is my biggest problem using Spooky 2. What program to choose? I am endeavouring to use muscle testing but my mind gets unclear answers and i Zend up using 6 10 programs at once.
    It seems to be my biggest issue. I just keep trying new programs until one seems to work.

    1. HI, you can find related programs by some keywords. And if you cannot make a decision, you can do a grade scan on these programs. More details, please feel free to send them to [email protected], our support team will help you carefully:)

  4. What device did she use? Plasma, Contact or Remote?

    Which is the best for warts – I haven’t had much success?

    1. Hi, it is real feedback from one Spooky2 user, so we also do not know the detailed information about her treatment. She is very active in our Spooky2Rife group, maybe you can find her here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/spooky2

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