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Another Magical Use of Holographic Stickers 44

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What are holographic stickers?

Holographic stickers are stickers printed on a material with a special iridescent effect. When the stickers catch the light, they reflect all colors of the rainbow. They are used mainly for organizing inventory. These conspicuous and writable dot labels can help you identify and sort items, and you can easily remove them without leaving any marks. Also, holographic stickers are known as ‘artistic stickers’ since the unique rainbow luster makes stickers perfect for craft projects, such as shirts, folders, organizers, desks, or PCs.

However, as Rife frequency users, do you know holographic stickers also can be used for imprinting frequencies?

You can imprint various frequencies onto these holographic stickers using your Spooky2 devices and place these stickers anywhere you want, such as on your clothes, bedding, books, or even your water bottle.

For example, if you are to imprint water, simply stick the holographic sticker to the outside of a water bottle. Leave the drink for a while for it to absorb the frequencies. Then drink it, and you will definitely receive the health benefits from these frequencies.

How to Imprint Frequencies on Holographic Stickier Using Spooky2 Devices

1.Spooky2 Remote

Spooky2 Remote allows people to get treatments at any distance using the recipient’s DNA. The theory behind Spooky2 Remote is called “Quantum Entanglement”, which was mentioned as “spooky action at a distance” by Einstein. Remote Mode is always the first choice for most Spooky2 users because it allows you to enjoy the benefit of Spooky2 energy balance programs anytime, anywhere, as long as the power supply is stable.

So, how can you use Spooky2 Remote to imprint the frequencies on holographic stickers?

First, complete the connection of the Spooky2 Remote and put the holographic sticker(s) onto the Spooky2 Remote Box.

1. We recommend placing a maximum of two holographic stickers inside Spooky2 Remote.
2. To ensure optimal effectiveness, we advise that the opening of Spooky2 Remote should not exceed 3 mm.

2.Spooky2 Plasma

Spooky2 Plasma is the most powerful unit amongst all the Spooky2 Rife Machines, making it an ideal choice for users fighting against complicated or severe health conditions.

Complete the connection of the Spooky2 Plasma and then place the holographic stickers to the plasma tube.

After loading the frequencies onto the holographic stickers, remove them. And you can stick these stickers anywhere you want!

How to Test?

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  1. Hi, thanks for the information update…Is that works with anay Holographic Stickers ?…Or only with spécific sppoky sticks ? If spécific When this sticks will be avalable ? Where can i buy Holographic Stickers for imprinting water ?

    1. Those stickers are available on Amazon. If using Remote, better buy not bigger than 1 inch to fit in remote.

    2. You can buy any holographic stickers, not Spooky2 specific. I would recommend watching the training video by Jon Ellis on Imprinting on You Tube. A great learning tool.

      1. Do you have the link to that one please

        Its a shame that the people at spooky 2 dont sell them when you want them but you can get them if you buy something for thanksgiving sale

        Joanne O'Brien
        1. Joanne O’Brien
          You can purchase holographic stickers at your local stores and possibly get them much sooner, just not Spooky 2 specific. Try gift shops, Dollar General, Family Dollar, possibly Some big box stores.

        2. I get them off Amazon. I go to hobby lobby and Joann’s and get holographic paper and holographic vinyl

          1. Dear Maureen, thank you for your sharing. Have a nice day.

    3. Hi, we recommend using our Spooky2-specific holographic stickers to imprint frequencies, best used in combination. And we now have Thanksgiving sale, stickers are included for free with any purchase in the store. If you don’t want to buy other items, please feel free to contact our customer service at [email protected], they will help you:)

      1. Hello
        I tried to contact you to get some and you only have them if you purchase in the thanks giving sale ?

        Joanne O'Brien
        1. Hi, have you contacted our customer service at [email protected]?

    4. Can you please give details on how to buy spooky 2 supplies such as these the imprint stickers ?

      Randy Spurlock
  2. I too want to get Holographic Stickers for my family and friends I want to place an order.

    1. We now have Thanksgiving sale, stickers are included for free with any purchase in the store. If you don’t want to buy other items, please feel free to contact our customer service at [email protected], they will help you:)

  3. Can we go deeper? Can ee use the pemm coil? What is more effective plasma or electromagnetic

    magnetic imprinting?

    Hector Alvarez
    1. Hi, yes, you can try it. Everything is experimental, looking forward to any updates from you:)

  4. Hello,
    I own many of the Spooky 2 technologies. Through the recent imprinting seminar offered by Spooky 2, I was able to imprint on a holographic sticker, a customized program for a specific condition. Which is more powerful for healing….getting the frequencies using the remote generator X PRO or using the imprinted sticker direct on my skin?
    Note: the imprinted Holographic sticker contained 27 hours of frequencies reduced to just under 4 minutes using a dwell of 0.5
    With gratitude,
    Many thanks,

    1. Hi, in any case, the effect of the rife machine’s direct running frequency on the human body is definitely stronger than the holographic sticker. Holographic stickers can be used for daily supplementary use.

    2. Hi Johanne,

      I am amazed by what you did with the holographic sticker – imprinting with 27 hours using a remote on GenX Pro !

      Could you kindly elaborate on the procedures how you did this? I got a Genx Pro recently and would want to try imprinting a Chronic Cough programme on the holographic paper which I purchased on Amazon UK.

      Thanks for your help

      1. Dear Kia, firstly, thank you very much for your support and love! We have held an online course on Spooky2 imprinting, he will tell you in detail how to use Spooky2 for Imprinting, here is the link to the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nigxdfiSwQc&t=3083s. Hope it helps. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at: [email protected], and our customer service will do their best to help you solve your problems.

  5. If I am doing this remotely, do I mail these to the person?

    1. Yes, you can. Use a dark bag to package these imprinted stickers.

    2. Am besten in Alufolie und dann in den Briefumschlag.

  6. Can you use imprinted stickers instead of Remote for treatments? Would you use just one sticker or multiple stickers to equate to the Remote treatment?

    1. Hi, we would still recommend using remote mode to do treatments. In any case, the effect of the rife machine’s direct running frequency on the human body is definitely stronger than the holographic sticker. Holographic stickers can be used for daily supplementary use.

  7. Can you imprint vitamins/mineral on the stickers?

    1. Yes, of course you can. Any frequencies can be imprinted on the sticker:)

  8. Hi How long does the imprinting on the stickers last? Should I imprint a new set every week? or daily?

    Sandra Gonzalez
    1. One week or so. The effect wears off over time, so it works best within a day or two. best not to expose
      Sun and water.

  9. Sounds like the imprinting is much weaker than Remote treatment. Is it even worth the bother? It sounds like a “curiosity” rather than a very effective treatment.

    I should note, additionally, that I am a BIG Spooky2 fan and have wiped out my lifelong Herpes affliction with Spooky2. So I am a big believer. But I want to be practical and not waste time.


    1. It is a very good choice as a daily supplementary treatment. All depends on your choice.

  10. The last sentence reads, “First, complete the connection of the Spooky2 Remote and put the holographic sticker(s) onto the Spooky2 Remote Box.”
    What is next, what do you run, etc…? It leaves you hanging to me.

    1. Hi, it depends on which preset/program you want to run. Follow the normal steps to run remote mode to complete your imprinting: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uB8Nc02d3Ds

  11. Why would I need the sticker if I’m running the Remote setting? Shouldn’t that cover it?

    1. Hi, you can use it as a daily supplement, like attaching these stickers to your clothes, water, or something else, even share these imprinted stickers with your family and friends, so that you can receive double frequency treatment.

  12. Where to buy the stickers?

    1. Hi, please feel free to send your questions to [email protected], our support team will give you an answer ASAP:)

  13. Hi, thank you for these informations.
    I thought I couldn’t use this holographic stickers with only xm generators et old bio north remote (green plate et white coil) but if I’ve well understanding it could be possible. Isn’t it ?
    I had previously dropped this search because I couldn’t find the holographic stickers on the Spooky site. I would be very happy to try to relieve friends and relatives with these stickers as the implementation via remote and nail DNA is sometimes tricky to make them understand. Giving them a printed sticker according to their needs seems to me a simple and practical solution.
    Many thanks.
    Best regards

  14. I thought that here I would find the instructions of the software to print in a simple way, taking into account that I do not understand much spoken English. Where can I find the Printed instrucción?

    1. Dear friend, thanks for your support. So sorry for the inconvenience, you can get more information about imprinting here: https://www.spooky2-mall.com/blog/easy-spooky2-frequency-imprinting/, https://www.spooky2-mall.com/blog/spooky2-frequency-imprinting-q-and-a/. Any questions, yoou can also contact our email: [email protected]. We’ll provide you with more detailed help. 🙂

  15. I have friend with chronic lower back pain. So I followed your procedure to a T. I did 4 different programs all around 12hrs.
    Reduced them to .5sec. and second lot to 1 sec. Imprinted for about 4-5 times longer than suggested.
    Since we live in QLD Australia its gets hot and sticky so the first test got wet from sweat.
    So the second lot i used a tens pad and covered the disk with a small piece of the clear plastic that comes with the Tens pad leaving plenty of the pad to stick to his back. I made 4 pads up and he tested them for a few days with no positive effect. Not the slightest reduction in pain. So it works for some and not for others.

    1. Dear Fergus, the effects produced by different frequencies vary from person to person, and you can try other frequencies related to this problem. Other than that, you may need to stick with it for a long time to help you alleviate your problem. Feel free to contact us anytime with any questions at email. Thanks for your support and understanding.

    2. Vermutlich funktionieren Zehnerpads zum Aufladen nicht. Es muß Metall sein das aufgeladen werden kann. Hier werden Holografische Aufkleber verwendet die eine Metallschicht enthalten. Diese Holografischen Aufkleber in die Remote legen max. 2 Stück und noch einmal versuchen! Es ist wichtig, die Aufkleber heraus zu nehmen BEVOR das Programm stoppt, weil sonst die Frequenzen vom Magneten im Remote gelöscht werden! (siehe Lernvideo der Trainer).

  16. The holographic sticker went straight into the remote I assumed it should be protected with paper because of the magnet

    1. Dear Carole, when you place a holographic sticker in Remote, you can imprint the frequency on the holographic sticker. Any questions, feel free to contact us by email.

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