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[Coffee Time] Episode 22: Happy Birthday Spooky2 1

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Dear Spooky2 friends,

How are you?

We held our special Coffee Time this week to celebrate Spooky2 8th birthday! Thank you all for participating in this event, and we received many touching stories from our users!

We had the following users who participated in this Coffee Time and won our big prizes!
They are Dr. Valerie Olmsted (HeaWea MicroGen), Ingrid Dinter (HeaWea MicroGen), Kathy Jo Higgins (MiraMate Flash), Artur Mantura (MiraMate Flash), Triana Parry (MiraMate Flash), Wai Lin Yeung (MiraMate Ray Gun), Alice Kromhout (MiraMate Light Pad), Linette Laiminger (MiraMate Light Pad), Tony Marquez (MiraMate Light Pad), Andrea Frostino, Mary Agrusa, Dorinel Patriche, Gwen Jones, and Robin OHerin who have received our coupons.

Congratulations to you all and we hope the gifts will bring you happiness and health in the future! Your success stories and experiences will definitely bring inspiration to others in the Spooky2 community!

Thank you again for your support throughout all these years! We cannot wait to see you guys again at our next event!

If you have any questions on this subject, please feel free to send us an email at [email protected].

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One Comment

  1. 19
    Peace be upon Yours.
    Very nice Coffee Time.
    Thank You very much!
    ** Ali **

    Ali Rosener

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