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Free eBook: Fixing Thyroid Problems: Strong Natural & Electronic Ways of Regaining Health by Roman Nowak 2

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Spooky2 user Roman Nowak has just released his brand new ebook entitled “Fixing Thyroid Problems: Strong Natural & Electronic Ways of Regaining Health”.

Roman is so kind that he decides to give this new ebook for free to the Spooky2 community. Free download starts 14/15 November at midnight, Standard Pacific Time and lasts for three days.

This work presents Roman’s views on what should be changed in our mental attitude towards health matters. He discloses some medical lies and describes in detail what should be done to start regaining health.

Please go to the below Amazon link to download your ebook for free and if possible show your appreciation to Roman by leaving a positive review on the page.


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  1. Hi,
    I am not clear on how to download the ebook. Is there a promotion code that is needed?



    1. Sorry, Monte. It’s last year’s Free eBook and it only lasts for three days.

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