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How to Add a Dynamic Carrier for Contact Mode Leave a comment

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Carrier waves allow frequencies to penetrate the body easier. However, they are not necessary for Remote Mode. But using one will make the signal more effective. In Contact Mode, you may use a dynamic carrier. This will not only carry the encoded fundamental frequencies, but also act as a powerful additional “left hook”in itself. Dynamic carriers help to reduce muscle contractions and tingling sensations associated with the low frequencies used for healing and detox programs, which can make a Contact Mode session quite uncomfortable. The following way shows you how to add a dynamic carrier for contact mode.

“F2” Method

Use the F2=F1 controls to create my carrier. Now my audio frequencies will be modulated by a high-frequency carrier that’s 128 times higher.

In general, once audio energy reaches the top of the range of human hearing (about 20,000Hz) it’s becoming radio energy. By trial and error, I find that multiplying my audio frequencies by 128 transposes all of them to radio frequencies. I picked 128 because it’s an octave multiplier, and octaves can be clearly seen in many aspects of life, creation, and the universe.

You can choose Add F1 to F2 from the menu. But Spooky2 can also be set up to use the higher harmonic as a variable carrier by select Modulate F2 Using F1 (AM DSB) from the menu. The dynamic carrier helps body penetration and also provides a powerful punch.

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