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How to Get Better Results from the Pulse Finger Sensor 2

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When wearing this sensor, suggest the following:

1. Select the left hand as the pulse is stronger on this side.

2. Wear on the middle finger as the circulation is usually best here.

3. Ensure the black wired side of the sensor is on the top of your finger where the nail grows.

And the final piece that I just realized, which may be contributing to issues for others…

4. There are two dimples inside the sensor, top and bottom. Make sure these are touching flesh and not nail. You must insert your finger to the point that the tip of your finger is protruding slightly out the top of the sensor.

5. When under a scan, try to let the left hand and fingers rest in a natural state. Trying to keep your hand too still or trying to flatten it out, will sometimes cause tension which can contribute to data read errors.

Suggest you let your hand rest as it would look if you were just walking down the street, the natural curve of the hand and fingers while at rest.

Authored by Jeff Kaczor

Source: https://www.facebook.com/groups/spooky2/permalink/480517752110133/

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  1. Yes tried all that. I can get it to flash red a few times after many attempts, it then stops and only if I move does it light up red a couple of flashes. What I did to get pulse to work more consistently was take it in hand move it like a pulse. I am wondering if it’s wiring loose somewhere.
    The software BPM & HRV showing nothing but 0 I’ve checked System and pulse is showing detected. Reload presets again. Now pulse is working for the moment anyway.
    Great post thank you!

    Jeanine Glasson
    1. Hi, Jeanine, according to your description, the connection between clip sensor and your body is not tight.
      Please move the clip sensor and find the best place to check the heartbeat

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