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Making Colloidal Nano Silver the SPOOKY Way 2

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There never has been a way to make true commercial-grade nano silver (colloidal silver) at home until now. With the Spooky2 Rife machine and the special nano silver (colloidal silver) add-on device and the Spooky2 program, now anyone can make true commercial grade nano silver (colloidal silver) that is on par with the best commercial grade nano silver (colloidal silver) available right in their own home. The process takes a long time, but the lengthy time to make truly the best quality nano (colloidal) silver does require a long time period. A process that takes only a few hours to make nano (colloidal) silver is not a very high-quality colloidal silver.

The waveform used and the reversing of polarity automatically cleans the silver rods. The largest particles fall to the bottom and the end result is the best quality nano colloidal silver. NOTHING sold to a home user is even close to the quality of the Spooky2 generated nano colloidal silver.

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  1. I was getting perfect Colloidal Silver for the first 3 batches. On the next batch it had large flakes in it. I changed the silver rods and the distilled water, but the flakes are still large. Do you have any suggestions?

    Lloyd Westbrook
    1. Dear Lloyd Westbrook, if possible, make the speed of the stirrer faster. And the distance between the rods has to be as we specified. It’s best to look at what has been changed. The water temperature change will alter the characteristic of the colloidal silver.

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