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[Natural Health Secrets] Episode 63: Medical VS Natural Treatment for Fibromyalgia Symptoms Leave a comment

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Traditional medical treatment for fibromyalgia includes non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, anti-seizure drugs, pain relievers and antidepressants (NSAIDS). These commonly prescribed fibromyalgia medications don’t relieve the condition, and taking them can cause potentially serious side effects.

NSAIDs can cause ulcers, bleeding in the stomach or intestines, digestive upset, high blood pressure, heart attack, stroke and even life-threatening skin reactions and allergic reactions. While inflammation is a problem, there are better natural alternatives.

Side effects of prescription anti-seizure medications include liver failure, kidney stones, ovarian cysts, along with serious drops in white blood cells and number of platelets, aplastic anemia and cognitive function problems.

Prescription antidepressants can cause weight gain, loss of sexual desire, fatigue, insomnia, blurred vision, agitation, irritability and anxiety. Several of these potential side effects are similar to common symptoms of fibromyalgia. Several supplements are available to help relieve depression and anxiety.

Treating fibromyalgia symptoms naturally requires a healthy diet, changes in lifestyle and complementary treatments. Since fibromyalgia can cause chronic pain and fatigue that is similar to arthritis, some experts may advise a fibromyalgia patient to see a rheumatologist. While there isn’t a solution yet, there are natural treatments that can help ease the symptoms and increase the quality of life for fibromyalgia sufferers.

Natural Treatments for Fibromyalgia

According to traditional wisdom and modern quantum understanding of holistic health, we are responsible for generating fibromyalgia symptoms by alienating from our true nature. Violating natural laws of life over a long period of time causes inner weakness, in case of fibromyalgia, it is hypersensitivity of the nervous system that causes amplified pain when we are exposed to outer disturbance. In practice, it can be the reaction to a presence of toxic ingredients in water, air, food, medications as well as harmful electromagnetic fields like the mobile tower, smart meters etc. So natural health practitioners recommend a balanced, holistic approach.

A healthy diet, lifestyle changes and nutritional supplements are all to eliminate the symptoms of fibromyalgia.

Supplements for fibromyalgia:

  • Acetyl L-carnitine (1500 mg/day): a study found that the acetyl L-carnitine may improve depression, pain and the overall quality of life in fibromyalgia patients.
  • Magnesium (500 mg/day): can help to reduce pain and tenderness, increases energy and reduces both anxiety and depression.
  • Fish Oil (1000 mg/day): contains omega-3 fatty acids and can help relieve anxiety, depression and improve brain function.
  • Turmeric & Black Pepper Combo (1000 mg/day) Curcuminoids and piperine significantly reduces inflammation and improves oxidative status.
  • Vitamin D3 (5,000 IU/day) deficiency is associated with chronic pain in some individuals. So exposure to sun or supplements is recommended.
  • Rhodiola and Ashwagandha (500-1000 mg/day): these adaptogens work together to help the body effectively respond to anxiety, exhaustion, stress and hormone imbalances in fibromyalgia patients.
  • 5-Hydroxytryptophan/5-HTP (50 mg 1-3 times/day) supports healthy serotonin levels in the brain, helps to increase deep sleep, while relieving pain. It is necessary since it is not found in foods. 5-HTP supplements are made from the Griffonia simplicifolia seeds.

Hope this information can help you make the next step in your way to generate your own health. If you have any questions send a mail and we will record the answer for you.

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