Powerful Changes in Spooky2 Plasma Presets 8

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As we know, Spooky2 Central only accepts a 5volt / 100% offset square wave input. Any other voltage/amplitude or waveform may cause damage.

But in the software version 20190226 and later, many of the Plasma presets are set to 10 volts, with a 0% offset. Why is this?

Spooky2 Software-1

In fact, the settings are still the same as before. We just change the way the signal is made. Take Spooky Plasma Advanced (P) – JW as an example.

Spooky2 Software-2

Both outputs are set to 10 volts and 0% offset, but you can see that “Positive Waveform Only” has been selected. This is equivalent to 5 volts with 100% offset. You can see this from the waveform:

Spooky2 Software-3

The red graph shows the waveform of Out1. The blue graph shows Out2.

So why do we make this change?

As always, we continuously strive to improve Spooky.
Using Spooky Plasma Advanced (P) – JW again as an example:

1. This preset modulates the signal by 1/512th of the fundamental. This is a sub-octave, making it more potent. Out 2 provides 10% gating, so the pulses at the tube are more intense. The energy is sent in shorter bursts.

2. In the old presets, the gating function was realized by continuous commands being sent between the computer and the generator. This is slow, because all commands must go through the same USB port. Now gating is inherent in the waveform, so gating can be much faster and more effective, since the rate of gating matches the signal better.

What do you think of the latest software (20190226)? Do you like it? Please comment below and share your opinion/advice with us!

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  1. Continue to evolve with great consistency in your effort. So in this software (20190226) I think it’s still a good effort. Continue to surprise us!!!

    1. Thank you for your support! We will keep the effort.

  2. 19
    Peace be upon You.
    The last version and the nower version have a bug.
    MW Programs crash when loaded and started.
    But the software is good.
    ** Ali **

    1. Hi, Ali. I’ve tried MW Programs, loaded and started. But it seems worked properly. Suggest you redownload the software or change the computer try again.

  3. Hi Spooky
    How do i get new version of spooky

    Ross Wieland
    1. Hi, Ross. You can download the new version software here: https://www.spooky2.com/downloadspage/

  4. I feel like the old fixed carrier wave frequencies have a better effect because they are operating on higher frequencies. Not getting the same results on the lower octaves in the advanced plasma settings for some reason

    1. Hello, Daniel! Thanks for your feedback! And if you need to use higher frequencies, you could try Spooky Plasma Entrainment and Healing (P) – JW.

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