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What is the Effective Distance of Plasma? 9

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In this video John answers the question about how far will the frequencies from the plasma project out.

Here are a few more details to help clarify the question.

Q: Can you get me a power vs. distance vs. frequency curve for the plasma tube? Your claim is it is more powerful than the other units but only works to about 2 cm. I successfully used the GB4000 MOPA at about 2 meters.
A: I am not sure who gave you this information. Our unit works much further than 2cm! We could detect a strong signal 60m away through concrete walls. The tube has about 40 watts applied. All of this power is used to treat the pathogen, not provide a carrier that has no function apart from lighting the tube and causing frequency fatigue. Beyond a few cm the field of all plasma devices changes from near field to far field. The near field is more effective. This is why we recommend having the tube close or even touching.

Q: What makes you say the near field is more effective?
A: That is the field type used by doctors when they used the original Rife machines. They found that beyond several feet the results were not so good. The signals can still be detected but the field starts turning into far field. Plasma produces two related fields. The one that does the really heavy lifting is the near-field, and this extends six inches from the tube in all directions. After six inches, it becomes far-field, which isn’t as effective as near-field, although it still works efficiently enough to disinfect and clear mold from a home. So it still works on the body, just not to the same extent and power as near-field.

Q: What is the maximum distance that we can place the plasma tube from the body?
A: Plasma produces two related fields:near field and far field.

If you are unable to be within the near field, suggest you remain within 5 feet of the tube for decent efficacy. This is where I have most of my family when the tube is running.

I have affected targets further than this, but the field decreases in power as you go further away.

To give you an idea of the field, a WIFI router is only 1 watt of power maximum by law. You can see how large the field is with your phone. The plasma output from the SC is 40 watts.

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  1. I like more information on your products.
    Do you have a band that you can put around your head. To boast the brain?

    1. Hi, Paul. Sorry we don’t have a band for Plasma. Within 5 feet of the tube has decent efficacy so you can put near your head when you are sleeping. Also, our PEMF device is good for boast the brain and has a band for carrying. https://www.miramate.com/

  2. Hello. I am Hans Stormer and have buyed a Scalar Wave system. I give a lot of seminars in whole Europe for therapie and doctors. I also promote the Scalar Wave. My questions is what kind of lamp (watt) use John to make the field visible in his demonstration video.
    Thanks in advance for your answer.

    Best Regards,

    HP. Hans Stormer

    H.A. Stormer
    1. Hi. The fluorescent lamp is specifically made. In countries with 220, 50 cycle power supplied, a standard 18″ fluorescent bulb has been reported to work. The above bulb works in the United States, 120 v 60 cycle.

  3. Quisiera saber si alguien ha tenido dolor como mallugado al usar la esfera de plasma, mi madre está presentando dolor en donde se la pone que es en la parte de arriba del estómago, ya comprobamos poniéndola en otro lugar y se le quito, la puse de nuevo en el lugar indicado en el hígado y le vuelve el dolor, que puedo hacer para mitigar esto

  4. Thank you valuable information.
    How frequently is it OK to use central, plasma at near field?

    Treating a large inoperable tumour. So I guess it needs intermiittent detox time.

    I understand your response is technical information for my consideration and not medical advice.

    Kind regards

    1. Hi, Plasma is best suited for short treatments, though you may choose to run the longer overnight Presets if you wish. Always ensure there is adequate ventilation around the tube.

  5. Hola, con qué frecuencia debo usar el plasma para tratar helicobacter pylori y que tiempo de duración de uso para eliminarlo.

    1. Estimada Tamara, Plasma es más adecuado para tratamientos cortos, aunque si lo desea, puede utilizar las preconfiguraciones nocturnas más largas. Asegúrese siempre de que haya una ventilación adecuada alrededor del tubo. El tiempo de tratamiento de cada persona es diferente y no podemos garantizar cuánto tardará en curarse, así que puede seguirlo para ver cómo le funciona. Si tiene alguna pregunta, no dude en ponerse en contacto con nosotros por correo electrónico: [email protected].

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