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Relationships Between Emotional Conflicts and Target Organs Leave a comment

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According to Dr. Hamer, resolving such conflicts is of the utmost importance.

The following list shows some of the relationships between emotional conflicts and target organs.

Adrenal cortex: Wrong direction, gone astray
Bladder: Ugly conflict, dirty tricks
Bone: Lack of self-worth, feelings of inferiority
Breast milk gland: Conflict involving care or disharmony
Breast milk duct: Separation conflict
Breast, left (right-handed): Conflict concerning child, home, mother
Breast, right (right-handed): Conflict with partner or others
Bronchials: Territorial conflict
Cervix: Severe frustration
Colon: Ugly indigestible conflict
Esophagus: Cannot have or swallow something
Gall Bladder: Rivalry conflict
Heart: Perpetual conflict
Intestines: Indigestible chunk of anger
Kidneys: Not wanting to live, water or fluid conflict
Larynx: Conflict of fear and fright
Liver: Fear of starvation
Lung: Fear of dying/suffocation, also for others
Lymph glands: Loss of self-worth associated with the location
Melanoma: Feeling dirty, soiled, defiled
Middle ear: Not being able to get some vital information
Mouth: Cannot chew or hold something
Pancreas: Anxiety/anger conflict with family, inheritance
Prostate: Ugly conflict, sexual connections/connotations
Rectum: Fear of being useless
Skin: Loss of integrity
Spleen: Shock of physical or emotional wounding
Stomach: Indigestible anger, swallowed too much
Testes & Ovaries: Loss conflict
Thyroid: Feeling powerless
Uterus: Sexual conflict


Authored by Johann Stegmann

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