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[SAMA] Episode 82: Bigu (Fasting) Leave a comment

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We are delighted to have Echo Lee as our guest expert in this week’s episode.

Episode 82: Bigu (Fasting)
Date: Thursday, December 20
Time: 4 PM, Nanjing, China (GMT+8.00)
SAMA Expert: Echo Lee

Bigu is a fasting technique from Chinese Taoism. The basic idea is not eating real food but still work as usual by using energy from the universe. This period can help with hypertension, diabetes and detoxify your body. Sounds magical right? We are going to unveil this mystery and help you take the first step on this amazing journey.

During this interview, Echo Lee will share:

  1.  The Difference Between Fasting And Not Eating
  2. The Benefits of Fasting
  3. Steps of Fasting (Bigu)
  4. The Steps to Absorb Qi

If you have any questions on this subject, please feel free to send us an email at [email protected].

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