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I have created a tool that provides an alternative way to use dynamic and fixed carrier waves for sets with low frequencies in Spooky Central.

With Spooky Central, there are currently two ways to use frequency sets that have low frequencies. One is to use the “JW – Spooky Central Low Frequencies” preset, which creates beat frequencies between the Input and Modulation channels. The second way is to using a fixed carrier frequency, described in one of John White’s YouTube video. This tool offers a third way, which is to output the original low frequencies to Out2 for modulation when the current frequency is less than 100,000Hz. For frequencies greater than or equal to 100,000Hz, you can choose a default Out2 modulation value. Using the advanced features, you can experiment with different harmonic multipliers for your carrier wave other than those found in Spooky2, such as the Holland harmonic.

This tool also allows you to create frequency sets using a fixed carrier frequency.

The source code for this tool is in lowfreqsc.html. You are most welcome to change it or add your own features.

To install this tool, download the following zip archive file. Extract the contents of the archive into a folder, and double click lowfreqsc.html (the .html extension may not show if you haven’t enabled the displaying of common extensions in Windows Explorer). There is a Help link that describes how to use the tool and to incorporate its results into Spooky2.

You can download the tool here:

Authored by Bryan Yamamoto

Source: http://www.spooky2.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=74&p=43260

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