Q1a: My Spooky Pulse is not detected when initializing.
Q1b: When I run the scanner program it just continues to scan and never stops. Errors are reported.
Q1c: After a biofeedback scan there is no result.

Answer 1:
These symptoms indicate your Spooky Pulse may not be detected. The following steps show how to connect Spooky Pulse to your computer.
1. Quit Spooky2.
2. Disconnect the Spooky Pulse USB port from the computer.
3. Restart the PC.
4. Log in to your account.
5. Reconnect Spooky Pulse. Plug directly into a computer port. Spooky Pulse will not work if you are using a USB hub. Hubs add latency, which is an issue for the pulse.
6. Launch Spooky2.
7. Verify that the green power LED is on and that the red LED flashes when the pulse is being monitored.

Ensure that Spooky Pulse was plugged in before starting the Spooky2 Software, and that it is detected and listed in the devices box found in the Advanced Menu.

In the new software, it will be detected and listed in the Global Setting tab.

If the Spooky Pulse is still not detected, exchange the mini USB cable for the mini USB connector that came with your Spooky Pulse. This should solve any YSB connection problems.

How can I get the best results from the Pulse Finger Sensor and reduce the number of errors the Biofeedback Scan is reporting?

Answer 2:
We suggest the following when using the Spooky Pulse finger clip:

1. Place the clip on the middle finger of the left hand as the pulse is generally strongest there. People with large fingers may use their little "pinkie" finger.
2. Ensure the clip is orientated with the black wire on the same side as your fingernail.
3. Place the clip so the two dimples inside the clip are close to the end of your finger.
4. Rest the left hand and fingers in a natural state during a scan. Trying to keep your hand still or flat may cause tension, which can contribute to data read errors. Let your hand rest naturally.


Q3: I find that the sensitivity of the Spooky Pulse sensor differs greatly depending on the location you attach it to your body. How do I find the best location while using Spooky pulse finger clip?

Answer 3:
For those who have earrings, it is recommended to use a finger clip rather than an ear clip. As for sensitivity, I would suggest that you try and experiment with attaching the sensor to different physical locations on your body. Move it around on your ears - topside, in the middle, on the lobe, etc. Try using the finger sensor on another finger, try "switching hands" and try using the fingers of your other hand etc. If you are using a finger sensor, make sure that the IR sensor is not positioned above a fingernail - it should be located above "skin".

What you can also try doing is to turn each sensor (for ear or for finger) "over" (back to front) and see if this helps. Once attached, try giving  the silicone finger sensor a gentle squeeze or two. Be nice to it, coax it lovingly to do its work.

Make sure that your sensors as well as your skin are clean and oil free while making the connection. Clean both gently with cotton ball moistened with a little rubbing alcohol.
It is recommended to use the mini USB connector rather than the cable that comes with Spooky Pulse. Most people do not even notice that they are in possession of this little mini USB connector as no mention is made of it in the Spooky2 User's Manual. Stop using the USB cable, plug the dongle directly into a free USB slot on your computer, and attach the Spooky Pulse cable with sensor onto the other side of the dongle. Then, you are ready to go!

Q4: When doing biofeedback scan, do you use remote or contact. If use contact, which one do you choose, hand cylinders or Tens Pads.

Answer 4:
You can perform a biofeedback scan using remote or contact. Contact mode uses hand cylinders or Tens Pads. When doing a remote mode scan, choose a Spooky Remote v1.1 BN (the white one). You can have it configured as shown below:

For August 2016 Software and above:

If you are using new software, you can choose “Biofeedback ( Contact )-EV ” preset directly.

For July 2016 software and below:

When using the TENS pads, keep the same settings. There is no need to adjust amplitude or set the "Reduce Amplitude" option as the scan is in the high frequency range. Please keep this in mind if you decide to perform a scan using lower frequencies. We have found best results are when we connect the pads to the outer right wrist and the outer left ankle. With both remote and contact mode you need to be connected with Spooky Pulse either via Finger clip or Ear clip.