Spooky2 20190116 Released 2

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We’ve just uploaded Spooky2 20190116 here: https://www.spooky2.com/downloadspage/

In this new version of Spooky2 Software, there are many groundbreaking new features you never saw before:

  • Graphical User Interface Skins
  • New Improved BFB Method
  • Preset Searching
  • Health and Medical Encyclopedia

Here is a list of the changes:
New: Skins. These are selectable from the Settings tab.

Spooky2 Software-1

New: Biofeedback Baseline creation. Spooky2 can disregard the effects of the environment when performing a biofeedback. A “Baseline” scan can be performed before a biofeedback scan. The baseline should either be the TENS pads shorted together or a digitizer without sample in the slides. When baseline data exists, the button on the right of the Baseline control turns green. Any subsequent scan will look for changes from this baseline. Note that the EXACT scan methods must be used for both the baseline and the biofeedback. Clear the baseline by pressing the small button.

Spooky2 Software-2

New: A 9169-entry Encyclopaedia has been added to Spooky, with data from 9 sources. Entry matches are shown in the Notes if a search is performed or a program has been selected. Because the Encyclopaedia is so large, only exact matches are shown, unless explicitly searched.

Spooky2 Software-3

Spooky2 Software-4

New: Dedicated search button to search the entire Encyclopaedia:

Spooky2 Software-5

New: Search facility for Presets.

Spooky2 Software-6

New: Autosave for channel data to improve auto resume after power-loss. Data is automatically saved every 5 minutes.

New: Utils menu option to manually turn GX display backlights off or on.

Spooky2 Software-7

New: Facility to copy Scan Results to the clipboard.
New: Confirmation is now presented when deleting user presets.
New: Automatic database refresh after changing the database selection.
New: Biofeedbacks can now be looped. Spooky will use the average readings from each loop for analysis to increase accuracy.

Spooky2 Software-8

New: Facility to add a fixed “padding” frequency between running programs.

Spooky2 Software-9

If the padding frequency is zero, the amplitude will also be zero.

New: Display of generator count during generator detection.

Spooky2 Software-10

New: Option to pause generators during a biofeedback scan. If a generator is set to shadow the generator performing the biofeedback, it will not be paused.

Spooky2 Software-11

Changed: Logging of both current and angle is now compulsory, since the speed increase by selecting only one is negligible with the improved BFB code.

Fixed: Bug for offline waveforms.
Fixed: Bug when copying waveforms of generator to file for subsequent pasting.
Fixed: Removal of 1000-frequency limit for non-biofeedback sequences.
Fixed: Generators cannot be set to shadow themselves.
Fixed: Bug preventing programs from cycling when mouse focus is lost.

Updated: Main, MW and BP databases. MW database entries are no longer combined.

Entry Count:
Main database: 6,755
DNA database: 5,208
Base Pair database: 85,671
Non-Human Base Pair database: 40,633
Molecular Weight: 11,907

Similar entries in the BP databases are combined into programs. Currently there are 21,341 BP programs. Other sources generally charge $15 per program. Spooky2 has just saved you US$320,115.00.

Improved: Waveform creation speed. This makes Spooky significantly more responsive.
Improved: GX gating control.
Improved: Channel display for chained presets.
Improved: Waveform names can include either spaces or underscores.
Improved: Amplitude reduction between waveform swaps.
Improved: Reverse Lookup now only searches selected databases.
Improved: Routine for shutting generators down when exiting Spooky.
Improved: Colour added to program and encyclopaedia Notes.
Improved: Added comma separators for frequency display.
Improved: Writing waveforms to file now has the range of -1.0 to 1.0, making it compatible with arbitrary waveform .csv files.
Improved: Text selection (Ctrl-A, Ctrl-X, Ctrl-V) in Create Program form.
Improved: Ability to run BFB hits on slaved generators (like the Scalar Digitizer preset)
Improved: Frequency selection changes in the Control tab.
Improved: Out2 shadowing during biofeedback.
Improved: GX USB detection.
Improved: Biofeedbacks inhibited if generator is set to shadow another.
Improved: Control tab load speed.
Improved: Auto Resume function. When Spooky starts, channels set to auto resume will only resume if they were previously running.

Watch SAMA video here:

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  1. What is a padding frequency and what does it mean if the padding frequency is zero the amplitude will also be zero? Why would you want to pause the generators during biofeedback? I appreciate if I could have a simple explanation.

    Barbara Silano
    1. Hi, Barbara.
      1. A padding frequency means you will run this frequency after each frequency of the program. zero means no frequency so amplitude will also be zero.
      2. Because if you don’t pause the generators during biofeedback, you will make the whole scan session useless, because Spooky2 doesn’t know which of the different freqs being delivered is producing the stress. You can click here for more details: http://bit.ly/2PsfTPb

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