Spooky2 20200211 Released 13

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We’ve just uploaded Spooky2 20200211 here: https://www.spooky2.com/downloadspage/

Updated: MW database to 20200104.
Updated: BP databases to 20200209. Includes the Wuhan coronavirus.
Updated: Spooky documentation to version 20200125 (Credits to Bryan Yamamoto and the Spooky2 forum moderators).
Updated: DB presets (courtesy of Bryan Yamamoto)

New: Option to alter screen fonts size. Ideal for sight-impaired users:

screen fonts size

New: Right-clicking in a frame shows contextual help. This option can be turned off in the System tab.


New: Error.log is now written for internal program faults.
New: Times can be shown in seconds only if desired:

Times can be shown in seconds


Fixed: Biofeedback control when Out 1 is set to be a fixed frequency.
Fixed: Biofeedback completion audio were sometimes not announcing correctly.
Fixed: Program notes are no longer editable when displayed.
Fixed: Voltage spikes during biofeedbacks if Spooky is closed.
Fixed: Screens with high resolutions were causing Spooky to crash. The fix required the removal of the program tab horizontal scrollbar.

Improved: Wording for Packing Frequency controls.
Improved: Reverse Lookup has had a complete re-write. It is vastly improved. Now all databases are searched for matches, and sub harmonics can also be included in the report.

sub harmonics

Reverse Lookup

Improved: Biofeedback scan reported hit values to 8 decimal places.

Biofeedback scan

Improved: ‘Hits To Find’ variable now preselects the appropriate number of hits. This option has been extended to all scan types.

Hits To Find

Improved: Software error handling.
Improved: Biofeedback frequency range display under graph.

Biofeedback frequency range

Improved: Screen displays of very large numbers.
Improved: Generator control button shows “BFB” when performing a biofeedback.

control button

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  1. Awesome. Coronavirus is something I had been thinking a lot about lately. I love the fact that Spooky is always progressing forward.

  2. Do we have to delete the older Spooky download or will this version overwrite it?

    1. Hi, you can update directly.

  3. Do I delete old program first then download new? Is desktop logo same for old and new program?

    1. Hi, you can update directly.

      1. Thank you for this reply, how do you “update directly”? I’ve have an old version currently installed, and just downloaded and unzipped the new update. What next?

        Charlie Betancourt
        1. Hi Charlie Betancourt. You don’t need to delete the old version . Please just install the new version into your computer and then use it

  4. Hello,
    I can’t find the option “Enable System Sounds” in the latest software versions. As a result, the audible indicator at the end of the run has disappeared. I don’t know how to find this sound indicator.
    Best regards

    1. Please kindly update your software from this link: https://www.spooky2.com/downloadspage/ and it has sound option under system tab.

  5. I installed the new version of spooky 2020-02-10

    With previous versions, pressing START the CONTROL tab remained visible. Now in this version you need to re-press the generator you have chosen, if you want see to re-appear the CONTROL tab with the parameters.

    Let me explain: after selecting a preset or a program I go to the CONTROL tab, select a generator and START: however the frequency screen in the CONTROL tab disappears and asks me to select a generator. Only then does the screen with the TAB CONTROL frequencies reappear. Does it happen to you too ?.

    1. After selecting preset and programs, go to control tab, tick overwrite and select one pink channel, then click start.

  6. Fantastic, especially like the Font Size flexibility and all the other enhancements
    Thank You Spooky2 team

    William L Clark
  7. WOW Im really LOVING That you Guys are improving so Much just since ive been Brand New ….I feel really Blessed !
    I CAN NO Wait to download New Platform !!! NO REALLY …thank you Spooky expert Freaks ! Love You ! Steve : )))

    steven plunger

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