Spooky2 Paris Conference at the End of January 2

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At the end of January 2020, a Spooky2 training session was held by Sébastien Mercier. 15 people gathered in a very pleasant district of Paris. In a good atmosphere, this training allowed everyone to become familiar with, deepen, and confirm his or her knowledge of the use of Spooky2.

Spooky2 Conference

Spooky2 Conference

If you want to attend conferences in Luxembourg, France, Switzerland, and Belgium, welcome to Spooky2 French Facebook group.

If you want to know more information, welcome to Spooky2 English Facebook group.

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  1. could you record some of these events, or even do a live streaming online version. Many people can’t make it out.

    1. Dear Kate, thank you for your advice and we will try to improve this.

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