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In Bretigny sur Orge, near Paris, French capital, an art exhibition has taken place from the 26th of May to the 21st of July 2018.

Spooky2 has an important part in this exposition.

It is a world premiere to see Spooky2 rife solution exposed in an artistic way, and it is in France.


This art exhibition deals with communication links, like digital, organic, cellular and psychic ones.

It was composed of 4 short movies, one on mediumic, one on magic, one on cells, and one on Spooky2 and its remote mode.

Here is a picture of the screen diffusing the Spooky2 film.

The leaflet explains the way rife frequencies are sent to persons through there DNA to kill specific pathogens.  
  There are also 80 faces of persons, the lightwatchers, that count for the artist Florian. They are disposed all around the room at knee height, as you can see in the picture on the left.

This photo also shows both artists, Florian and Adrien. They are the two standing men, Florian at rear, Adrien at front.

The light watchers are persons or imaginary entity that have used consciously or unconsciously magnetic, electronic or information fields in their day to day live.

Not surprinsingly, Two of these faces represent John White. Let’s apreciate the ressemblance.


Congratulation to John white and all the people who work for Spooky2 rife system. They are now part of an art exposition.

Author: S.Mercier

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