Spooky2 Rife for Anti-aging: Rejuvenate From Your Cells 20

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As we get older, we tend to experience a series of functional declines, such as sagging skin and poor vision. These traits are all precursors to aging.

Aging is a spontaneous, unavoidable natural process happening in every corner of nature, affecting all types of living creatures. While we can’t stop aging from happening, there are things we can do to slow down this process.

1. Keep a healthy, well-balanced diet

Research studies show that a diet high in sugar or refined carbohydrates can accelerate aging. Instead, eating more fresh fruits and vegetables can prevent premature aging. Our skin receives nutrients not only from creams and treatments but also from the food we eat. Therefore, the more balanced our diet, the younger we will look. Try to improve your diet today and start looking fresher.

2. Avoid overexposure to sunlight

Sunlight is the main source of UV rays, which could be harmful as it can cause severe sunburns and skin cancer. It is also an important factor in accelerating skin aging. So, remember to protect your skin from the sun every day. Whether you are planning to spend your day at the beach or going for a walk outside, it is always essential to put on sun protection. Wearing UV-protective clothing and applying sunscreen to exposed skin are two of the most common and effective ways of sun protection.

3. Stay hydrated

The more hydrated we are, the fewer wrinkles will develop on our skin. So be sure to drink enough water. Lemonade is recommended by many as it is rich in vitamins and helps to flush out toxins accumulated in the body.

Also, applying a facial moisturizer every day is quite effective in preserving moisture in our skin, giving it a more youthful appearance.

4. Sleep well

The expression “beauty rest” actually has some science behind it. Not only does your skin need downtime to repair itself, but sagging skin and puffy eyes can make wrinkles look worse.

Therefore, always follow a regular sleep schedule, even on weekends or traveling. Besides, keep your bedroom at a comfortable temperature, not too hot or too cold, and as quiet as possible.

5. Do some exercise every week

Exercise can improve blood circulation and boost our immune system, giving us a more youthful appearance. Working out for just 30 minutes per time, four or five times a week, can make a huge difference.

How to Use Spooky2 Rife for Anti-aging

Preset: Anti-Aging (R) – JW

This preset contains the monoisotopic mass frequencies of compounds known to extend lifespans and improve overall health. Many of these compounds are very expensive to buy. Fortunately, Spooky can emulate them for free.

Here are the compounds within this preset:

  • Spermidine (MW)
  • Nicotinamide Mononucleotide (MW)
  • Resveratrol (MW)
  • Glutathione (MW)
  • Lipoic acid (MW)
  • Acetylcysteine (MW)
  • Policosanol (MW)
  • NAD+ (Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide) (MW)
  • Nicotinamide riboside (MW)

Note: Anti-Aging (R) – JW only supports Remote mode. The preset is scheduled to run each day between 9:00 am and mid-day. This is often regarded as the optimum time to consume supplements. So it is normal for the generator port under the Control tab to turn yellow, indicating that this preset is running for a specific time period. But if you want to run this preset as you wish, you can change the scheduled time under the Setting tab.

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  1. Do you think that “Adverse drug reaction” should be added at the end?

    1. If you usually need to take some medicines on time, and these medicines bring you some side effects, I think you can add this program.

  2. Why can I not find “anti-aging” anywhere under programs? My present program is dated January, 2021. How do I go about downloading a more recent program…..if there is one?

    Thank you,

    Kit Cain

    1. Hi, anti-aging is a factory preset, which is under the Presets tab. See details on the screenshots of this blog:)

  3. Am I able to imprint this preset to stickers?

    1. Of course you can do this. Follow the ways introduced in this blog to imprint these programs onto your water:)

  4. The anti aging program shown in John White’s screen shot does not appear to be available in any of our updated databases. It appears to be a part of one of John’s “collections” from a previous database.

    Can you email that program so I can add it to my own database? It looks quite appropriate to my 86 year old, but very healthy body.


    Kit Cain
    Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada

    1. Hi, Kit Cain. Directly search the keyword “Anti-Aging” on the Presets tab and you will find these presets. If you still do note find them, please feel free to contact our customer service at [email protected], they will help you have a further check:)

  5. Is there a for sale section for used equipment. A friend who owned a spooky 2 passed away her spouse wants to sell it?

    1. Hi, there is one FB group for your needs: https://www.facebook.com/groups/spooky2buysell/

  6. Hi, I run it on Gen X and while the time here is 4pm and in the control tab the color is yellow as it should be since the time zone is 9am-midday, there is light on the generator as if it runs now with freq:0.00 Hz. If 0 means no frequency why is a red light on and could it pose a health risk to continuously transmit a certain frequency until 9am?

    Vicky Papakosta
    1. Hi, no worries. It won’t emit anything to put you at a health risk.

  7. Is there a video for this?

    richard dp constantine
    1. Hi, Sorry we don’t have it yet, but we will work on this:)

  8. running this program there is no lights coming on the remote or is this normal.

    1. Hi, please feel free to contact our customer service at [email protected], with some screenshots or photos of your setups, sp that we could help you have a further check:)

  9. Can use this with generator X and the DNA slides correct?

    1. Yes, they can work together very well:)

  10. We received our starter kit in December and were excited to get started. I’ve found it overwhelming to look at all this new information, yet somehow it’s been straight forward to set up terrain to begin.
    My question is – is there a one-stop shop to go to for most situations? I am finding it a little perplexing to move on to preset #2.

    Marque Poole Jewer
    1. Hi, you can learn more about the Terrain Protocol from this blog: https://www.spooky2-mall.com/blog/terrain-protocol-the-magical-frequencies-of-body-cleansing/
      If you have any questions about it, please feel free to send them to [email protected], our support team will give you much more professional details ASAP:)

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