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Use of correct terminology is important. This makes it easier for others to quickly understand what the problem is.

When asking for clarification, it helps to be able to describe the issue in a manner that other people can understand. Here are some terms that get interchanged often.

Frequency Set: a list of frequencies used for a single condition, organism, or pollutant. The database contains more than 6,000 of these.

Program: a list of sets which will run in sequence, either timed or looped endlessly. The user constructs this ad hoc each time.

Preset: a single Program together with all of its settings. This can be saved and reloaded by the user.

Custom sets are created in the “Create Frequency Set” window. You can enter codes in your set to specify the waveform to be used, sweeps, custom dwells, gate on/off, Amplitude, positive Offset, negative Offset, Phase angle, or wavelength of light. For details, please see pages 111-115 in the current User’s Guide.

Please note that codes entered into a set will always take precedence over settings manually entered into the Program Options pane. As a result, the codes do not update or refresh any fields in this pane. To verify that your specified settings are being transmitted, take a look at the two grey Output Panes in the Channel Control Panel.

To create a Program, please see pages 58-62 of the User’s Guide.

You can save a Program with all of its frequency sets by clicking the Save As button on the lower right of the main screen. This will create a new set containing all the frequencies that comprise the sets in the Program.

To create a Preset, please see the User’s Guide pages 70-74.

Authored by Jeff Kaczor

Source: https://www.facebook.com/groups/spooky2/permalink/499474420214466/

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