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My Healing Journey. .. an update. Warning: This is a long essay. Leave a comment

Today 3rd November 2020, I had an appointment with my Oncologist this is a cycle of Immuno Therapy ( Keytruda) every 3 weeks for the last 12 weeks. That’s 4 cycles thus far.

To be totally transparent I wish to share that my recovery protocol is diverse and varied. I chose to throw everything at myself that I felt would support my return to N.E.D ( No Evidence of Disease). Because you may be reading this looking for some keys or hope that you can do something to help yourself and pull yourself out of “hopelessness”. My desire is that you get some inspiration and incentive to take action in your health endeavours.

My diagnosis back in late July 2020: non small cell Stage 4 Lung Cancer. I chose deliberately NOT to have long gloomy conversation with anyone even my Oncologist, Integrative GP, Naturopath, Acupuncture colleges or Chiropractic friends.
One moment I do recall whilst during my 3 week stay in hospital, was from a specialist whom initially diagnosed and told me news of my condition. I had lost 9 kgs in 3 days, I felt my muscles were wasting away. I had been through a number of testing, valid though draining to my normal healthy demeanour. I told him I had lost the weight so quickly….. if there is anything that is said to you in his “ ignorance” he said to me, “ Oh that’s the cancer robbing your body”….. wtf something one should never be told by anyone. Luckily for me I repeated the conversation to my NeuroPhysics friend, and Ken immediately “tossed that out to the trash”, explaining that it was in actuality my body using up “valuable stores of goodness” to keep me in harmony.
You see, this is what you have to surround yourself with in thought, action and communications from the people that support and care for you. Don’t let anything “in” that can bring you down and make you feel like “shite”.
First and foremost in your healing, inclusive to this I availed myself to moving people out of my immediate circle, whom based on my feelings where draining my being state, don’t allow pity or sympathy into your emotional status, empathy from others is good but not sympathy. Only good, kind and loving people are allowed here.! Energy givers and not energy takers. You’ll discover or may already know what I mean here.
Commit to the “living process “and “walk away from the death process” … is something that I’ve said to my patients and clients for over 40 years.

Ok enough said, this is the exact wording my Oncologist said to me today, “My positive news!!!!
Oncologist said, “The tumour looks as is smaller but it’s not reported by the radiologist yet that takes a couple of days, but to me it looks better compared to before. …. looks like things are going in the right direction. … everything looks that way I will see if can switch treatment every 6 weeks…. least wait till next appointment in 3 weeks till we know. But otherwise looks like your doing well, continue with that. I’ll see you back in 3 weeks… “

I see this as good news, would you? Best possible conversation to have after 4 rounds of immunotherapy plus everything else that I’ve been doing. Your probably thinking now, what has been his game plan?

Here’s my list
1. Immunotherapy every 3 weeks thus far but may change at my next oncologist visit in 3 weeks.
2. Daily Routine

Upon awaking around 5.00am 750-1 litre H2O – (alkaline H2O has been my priority here, inclusive of iH2O infusion after reverse osmosis filtration.)

2 fluid Oz Flor Essence (30 minutes before breakfast)

Spooky2 time slot 1.5-3 hours. More about this later.

Breakfast-avocado sough dough toast

But predominantly:
Oatmeal blue berries, chia seeds, flax meal, LSA, strawberries. 🍓
Probiotic yogurt
– All this is for cardiovascular heart health.

240 mls Lifeforce Body Balance

AM Medication

Sun Vit D – 20 minutes

1x Green Tea + 1/2 lemon juice

Vit D – 500 mg per day
Selenium x1 , probiotics tabs x 2

Magnesium 400 mg x 2 = 800 mg per day
Other combined supplements = 340 mg per day

NutriBullet Mix up my SIP & GO Nutrients drink- Youngevity, Noway Protein, Ribraxx, Organixx greens – blue berrys

Joe Tippen Protocol
Fenbendazole daily dose
X1 Bite + 1 x Curcumin capsule. 3 times per day.

Lunch usually avocado on sourdough or a green salad
Carrot, green apple, celery, tumeric & ginger freshly juiced

Spooky2 slot? Depending upon my schedule.

X1 tumeric Bite + 1 x Curcumin capsule (x3 times a day.)

From my Integrative GP
Thymosin alpha – poly peptides self injection Monday and Thursday evening.
Monday weekly Vitamin C infusion drip.

Friday- Acupuncture maintenance treatment

8.00pm – PM medication

Spooky2 slot? Depending upon my schedule.

Last thing at night – before bed
Flor Essence tea dose.

I’m a practicing acupuncturist, have been in clinic for over 40 years. This is something that I have never had any desire or intention to stop doing and “retire” no way that’s asking for trouble. Having no passion and or life’s work is a sure way to diminish longevity. (Research “The Blue Zones).

Tuesday AM – clinic
Thursday AM – clinic
Saturday AM – clinic

Started Alkaline H2O & Joe Tippen (Fenbenzadole Protocol) 30th August 2020

Spooky2 equipment:
1. Spooky2 central
2. 1x Generator X
3. 6x Generator XM – 6 DNA samples for me 1 set to detox and 5 set to cancer presets. The other Generator XM is running family member DNA.
4. Spooky2 Scalar unit. On the Transmitter I have a glass of Water that I drink daily. The receiver end are small samples of Vit C containing a urine sample (VitC kills cancer cells) also pure CBD, Fenbendazole, peppermint, Curcumin/ tumeric. I sleep within this Scalar field setup, also my Spooky2 Central and generator setup is within the Scalar field.
5. My diet is predominantly plant based, herbal teas and a Tumeric coffee with Almond milk.
6. Inclusive to all this I exercise 5 days a week, in particular NeuroPhysics ( watch the documentary “Calibrate” highlighting the work of Ken Ware.) and altitude training (4500 meters simulated). My GP supports the research that high altitude hypoxia training improves survival rate in cancer patients.

Spooky2- Detox Terrain (11 days) began 3rd September 2020.
Biofeedback- General, My Condition & Cancer Lung preset. Tens pads on torso lateral to navel and lateral to nipple, accordingly. Treatment 4 days repeat and sweep every 2 weeks, has been consistently cycling since the 11 day terrain ended but still cycling.
1 loop of my treatment takes 1 hr 24 mins, this is the minimum timing of a treatment. I usually average 4-6 loops per day. This equates to 6-9 hours daily.
I divided up each side of my chest into 3 sections and do each section as 1 loop. Both left and right sides are done this way as we have one lung but it is 2 sided (bilateral)

I choose to be consistent and committed to my recovery, because nobody absolutely nobody can do it for me.
When I read much of the Spooky2 stories and enquires I get annoyed we those seeking to find solutions are trying to have the users “prove that it works”, truth be known that everybody is different no one of us is the same, we are entirely unique. Therefore in actuality one “needs to jump in boots and all,” or move on to something else.
If you don’t invest in doing the Spooky2 protocol then you’ll never know if it works or not for you! “
“Trust in your own intuition your gut feeling, your inner guidance.”

In short my summary to date is this; I honestly believe in being proactive in my own health, to be honest nothing has changed here I’ve been studying Acupuncture, Integrative Medicine and Wholistic health since 1980. I do understand much of my “why me” and “how come me”, some of the reasons I’d prefer to keep personal some I’m still researching to understand.
Nutritional and dietary adjustments I found relatively easily implemented, exercise and altitude training similarly.
I personally feel the Spooky2 units and Joe Tippen protocol are my “godsends”. Possibly the reasons why I’m progressing in a timely manner, the answers I know I will never really know. I’ve said all along from the beginning I don’t care how I get there, I only choose to arrive at NED and remain there in due course.
My mantra has been from the beginning, “Sooner or later we all must pass and transition, I CHOOSE LATER NOT SOONER!!!”

“Healing Comes With Open Feeling “…. my journey continues!!
Thanks for letting me share.

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