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Spooky2 GX

I wouldn’t have believed it if it were being told to me in person. Let me explain my case.

I am a 52 year old man, who has had to deal with six or seven chronic illnesses for years on -which started at age 14 and happened to cross my physical path. This year alone I have been at home, recovering from Crohn disease upheavals plus related inconveniencies and not been able to sport, except for biking four times on my racing bike. Furthermore there was no speed skating on ice possible, no basketball, hardly any sailing, just four times of tennis in one month of the whole year, but at times I have been able to walk in the forest nearby.

In February I went with a friend to an indoor skihall because she wanted to prepare herself for her skiing holiday. I stumbled out of her car, grasping my two clutches and had problems keeping up pace with her. It was her first time taking lessons at an indoor piste and, as I had been a skiing instructor some 30 years ago, she wanted me to be there with her. For comfort I guess and I was glad to accompany her. I love sports and watching people play sports but most of all I like to practice it myself. One of them being skiing. It had been three or four years since my last skiing attempt in Austria, much too long to my dislike.

While watching my friend try making her first moves and curves at the indoor slope I gave her some tips and was dumb-founded when after the lesson, the skiing instructor inquired if I wanted to become a ski-instructor again, at his very indoor slope. I sure was and accepted the invitation. I was being told that during summer new skiing instructors were to be given a course on how to ski on an artificial slope (one where the slope itself moves, so the skier stays in about the same place) and how to teach customers, ending with a certificate.

At the end of May I bought my first (and only) Spooky2 Generator X and got to get acquainted with it. By the time the course started I had found some frequencies that were supposed to help with your muscle and could perhaps even prevent muscle ache (or so I hoped).

At the beginning of July (oh my, was it hot in the Netherlands (37-42 degrees)) I took the car and drove to our province town about 19 km away. I had my own boots with me, ski socks and too much other stuff (e.g. gloves) which wasn’t needed at all because inside it was as hot as outside. I was seriously nervous as I had not been sporting for three or more months and because of the heat (and corona). But what later turned out to be the most important tool I got with me was my Spooky2 GX running a program for muscle relaxation (all of them I could find) and extra ATP -‘food’ for muscles- production. I only used the GX together with Spooky2 booster and the remote with my nail in it to create this effect.

Usually after skiing the first time again I instantly develop an enormous ache in my legs which may last for days. Flashing forward to this year and what happened to the usual sore this time. You’re right: no muscle sore! Not even the day after or two, three or four days after; in matter of fact none at all! A week later we skied again and I went for the same program. The other ski instructors couldn’t believe that I wasn’t suffering from sore muscles while all the others (being sporters who were sporting four times per week on a rough average) were experiencing quite an amount of it. I was in heaven with my GX generator and in the car I almost shouted from exhilaration. Couldn’t really believe it myself. This program is worth a lot to any sporter.

Upon trying to explain how I didn’t develop this muscle ache I met strange faces. I tried my best to explain but to no avail I guess. In this way it kind of stayed like my very own secret.

Martijn van Beek

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