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Spooky2 Central Advantages and Testimonials 4

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Spooky2 Central is a modern-day Rife system that can apply Royal Rife’s original frequencies directly without a carrier. It is many users’ favorite due to its super effectiveness in serious diseases. Spooky2 Central contains four modes, Plasma mode, Ultrasonic, PEMF and Contact mode. Plasma Mode is the most powerful among all Rife products.


PEMF provides powerful magnetic fields that pulse one hundred times a second, delivering a 29-volt spike of energy at the end of each pulse. The fields are globular, and they extend six inches from the coil, making it perfect for problems whose locations are known. PEMF is designed to be used together with plasma, but it can also be used without a generator connected. However, it must not be used with pacemakers.


Ultrasonic offers two speeds. “Slow” divides frequencies by 256, “Fast” divides by 16. Both these divisors are octal and Fibonacci harmonics, making them especially significant and powerful. This can be used with pacemakers. Because sound conducts more efficiently in water, and we are about 70% water, this is another very efficient and powerful way to flood the entire body with frequencies.

Contact Mode

Contact Mode on this machine is a very different animal. Uniquely, it’s capable of truly reversible cell electroporation. This opens up pathogen and cancer cell walls many times a second using 320-volt spikes, with each spike “hole” opening for one half of one-millionth of a second, allowing plasma-delivered frequencies to directly access and destroy the cell contents.

However, because of the magnetic component of the DC-decoupled signal, this mode should not be used by those with pacemakers.


It’s Spooky Central’s plasma delivery that we’re most proud of. It’s the only machine we know of that can transmit frequencies of up to 3,500,000Hz (3.5MHz) without needing any wasteful and potentially harmful fixed carrier frequency.

All of these capabilities can be used at the same time, or independently.


1. Relieving Rheumatoid Arthritis

I originally bought a Spooky2 essentials kit for my wife because of her problem with rheumatoid arthritis. Antibiotics had destroyed her immune system and now apparently her body does not produce B-cells in her blood. We started using the Lyme and Morgellons protocol with TENs pads every night. On the 19th program, we finally saw a huge difference in how it destroyed candida in 3 – 4 days. We had been trying to control her candida for years and Spooky2 wiped it out very quickly. It was at that time we decided to buy the Spooky Central and the plasma tube. My wife is not on any medication now, we’re still dealing with some issues of rheumatoid arthritis and other the loss of her immune system, but most of her pain and stiffness is gone. Her progress has been miraculous to say the least. We continue to use Spooky2 to help her. Thank you to all the wonderful people who have made this technology available.

2.Battling lump

I found a lump on my breast in July 2014 and promptly went to see a doctor. After seeing my mammogram and ultrasound a week later, the doctor recommended an immediate biopsy and surgical removal if found to be malignant. I decided to first do research on alternatives before doing any of his recommendations. I then changed my bad diet to eating a lot of vegetables, and I also took a lot of healing supplements. One year into this self-healing journey, while still researching on alternative healing modalities, I ran into Spooky2 in the internet. I studied all I could about it and went ahead to buy two essential kits, remotes for each generator, a Spooky Central and straight plasma tube, and other products. I started to use all my Spooky items when they arrived but after becoming overwhelmed by the sheer amount of complex information I needed to learn in the software, I decided to pack everything away for the next five years! Meanwhile, my tumor continued to grow, albeit slowly. Eventually, the skin over my tumor broke, giving me much pain and worries.

It is for this reason that I decided to unpack my Spooky2 items. I downloaded the updated software and saw that I could understand it better. There are also a lot more users who write about their use of the hardware and software, helping me with my own challenges. I recently read, for example, that I do not have to try to understand everything about settings for frequencies, amplitude, and waveforms. I will understand them later, eventually, as I continue using Spooky. So, for now, I do the basics: Go to presets, load programs, click generator icon in the control panel, and Start! I’m getting the hang of it. It still causes me to pause, but with practice over the last three months, I am a lot more confident.

Today, I am happy to observe that the bulging lump in my armpit has become smaller, the stabbing pain I get every few minutes is greatly decreased; and my energy level is higher than ever. I certainly can say that Spooky is not just some unproven method because I see that it is working for me. I will continue to use Spooky because I trust that it will help me with my health issues. I am, by the way, in the process of buying two more generators and remotes because I want to help my sons with their health issues as well. I really can’t wait to receive my new Spooky2 items!

3.Ligament Repair

The first time I used my Spooky2 equipment was when I tore my MCL. I didn’t know it was a partial tear just knew it hurt too bad to walk. I could get into the sports doctor so I used my Spooky2 for inflammation. Within 30 minutes I went from not able to walk with awful pain to pain-free. Granted it did not last as it’s a torn MCL but with frequent use and my brace I healed from this injury. I think in a good amount of time and with less pain and inflammation. I used the Spooky2 Central unit for this.

Are you interested in Spooky2 Central? Learn more about it here!


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  1. Grandissimi, credo di non averlo, ne parliamo al corso lo vorrei avere grazie Marco

    1. Thank you, Marco

  2. I did not have any ultra sound device in my plasma machine. Is that something additional? Where do I plug it in ?

    1. The plasma mode do not include ultra sound device, and ultra sound device can only work with central.

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