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What’s New on the Spooky2 Support Website? Leave a comment

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Dear Spooky2 friends,

How are you?

Have you ever visited our Spooky2 Support website? Do you find it helpful? Spooky2 Support website is built to provide our Spooky2 customers with FREE, resourceful online learning materials. Also, you can browse valuable users’ actual experiences and advice, self-troubleshooting procedures, and find answers to any questions you may have while using Spooky2 devices.

We recently upgraded this website based on our customers’ feedback to improve the interface and provide better service.

So, what have we updated? Let’s find out together!

1. Updating the Overall Look of the Support Website

Adding a very loving background image is a noticeable change. In addition, the purpose and content of each section are more clarified. There are three main sections on the Spooky2 Support website: Spooky2 Scalar, Spooky2 Rife System, and Frequencies & condition Research, each with subdivisions to support you from all aspects. Now, You can browse directly to the topics you are interested in based on your needs.

For example, there are twelve subdivisions within Spooky2 Rife System, such as Biofeedback, Spooky2-XM Generators, Spooky2 Central, etc. Each section includes useful and inspiring articles. You may view according to related topics or search keywords to find the article you need.

2. Entry to Related Resources

Compared with the previous Support website, now we have added the entry to other resource websites. You can visit our Reviews, Downloads, Facebook Community, Forum, and other resource websites via the section shown below. Hopefully, it can bring you more convenience, so you don’t need to search around trying to find the link to other resource websites.

3. Talk Directly to Our Support Team

The Spooky2 Support Team has always been praised for their caring service. We guarantee our Spooky2 customers will receive a full range of caring services. On the new Support website, you can select the type of question you have, describe the help you need, and submit the request to our Support Team. After receiving your request, our Support Team will arrange a dedicated customer service staff to get in touch with you until the problem is satisfyingly solved.

4. New Search Box

Based on all the search entries and clicks on the Support website, now we can easily access the top topics under the search box. You may enter keywords in the search box, and relevant articles will pop up in the search results. The more specific the keywords provided, the more precise the associated questions will be.

Action is always stronger than words, so let’s explore the new Support website together!


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